Homosexuality is one of the theme which in the past was a taboo, nowadays more of gays declare openly their sexual orientation. At some countries same-sex weddings are legalized, and that marriages wants to have right to adopt children. I am totally against of situations when gay couples have children.

In the first place a gay marriage is not a traditional family model. For a long time family have contained a mother, a father and their child. And it is very positive because a young person get to know everything about men and women and their relationship. Two women or two men or two men can not engender their own child so they want to adopt a child. Children who live in orphanages are usually hurt and have weak psyche so they really want to be loved. They easy follow adults examples, even if than is not good.

Secondly, children who are in gay families can have problems with social acceptance. It is very possible that other children can laugh at them, because they have two fathers or two mothers. Their situation may be more difficult because their friends’ parents are conservative. They disapprove of homosexuality. That children can be discriminated, like their parents.

There are also people who, think that all people should give and get love. In my opinion, it is safer to buy a dog than adopt child by gays couples. I agree that all people have right to love, but it can not hurt anyone.

All in all, gays can be with each other but they should not have the right to adopt children. It can cause more problems than good effects.