More and more young Polish students have recently decided to learn new things and study abroad. Most of them are going to the British Isles where they start a whole new life. Is it good or bad? Let’s take a closer look at this matter!

First of all, I think that if I had to choose where to study abroad I would for sure choose Great Britain, just like many other young Polish students. It’s a great place for Polish pupils because you can easily expand your knowledge about the English culture. In addition, studies may help you find new friends and, what’s more, improve your language. Another thing is that after studies in Great Britain or British Islands it’s a lot easier to find a well paid job.

On the other hand, this massive action of Polish students going abroad to the British Isles in not good for our country at all. It leads to the situation when we can’t find a good Polish specialist or an engineer. Finally, it means to us no new technologies or inventions made by Polish graduates.

To sum up, I think that we all should study in Poland but it’s not always the best option to choose. Going abroad to the British Isles will surely help you improve your language and get a better paid job. So what to do? Ask yourself!