My plans and intention for the future

My name is ... I often think about my future: what will I do, how will my life look. I like to plan so I have lots of plans and intentions as to my future. I hope that some of them come true.My intention is to first complete hight shool. I would just pass mature, then I'll have more chances for a successful future. After high shool, I want to go to college. I don’t know yet what direction. I can’t decide. I would like to have a job that I liked. In my spare time I deal with my hobby. I’m going to do and go driving with my boyfriend for a trip. When it comes to a trip, I want to go somewhere abroad to the wart countries. In my future plans is to start a family. I would like to have two children. I love animals, so I think that my studies and work will be associated. But if it does not work out, I want to finish school associated with cosmetics. I would like to open your own beauty salon in a bigger city. I think these are my most important plans for the future. What will I don’t know, but I will want to fulfill their dreams, plans.