1.The Title of the task: Sports

2.The level of the students: Intermediate

3.Aims to achieve

- learning the ability to talk about sports and learning vocabulary connected with sports

4. Class time: 10 minutes

5. Preparation time: 5 minutes

- listening to the tape

6. Resources necessary to effectuate the task

- Tape with text

7. Procedure you follow while teaching:

The teacher plays the tape about three people talking about sports to the students, and after they finish listening to it he asks them to answer following questions:

-Which sport or activity are they talking about?

- How often do they do it?

- Where do they do it?

- What equipment do they need?

- Why do they like it?

- Are they good at it?

8. The situation in which the project can be used

- Any lesson about sports

Based on: New Headway – intermediate – student’s book - Liz & John Soars