It happened on February 2006.Cameron chosen the best day I think …It’s Valentine’s Day! He wrote a book with his married proposal and in engages day he gave it her. My first think about he :wow.. he’s so original and anomalous. He wanted it be the best moment of her life and hoped that she’ll never forget it ‘till the end of her life. Book included: The 50 reasons why should You marry me and 51 reasons why I should marry you. After this proposal I don’t know how Angie(because it’s name his girlfriend) could say:NO. I only wonder how long did she read this book and how long did he wait for an answer. It has to be so exhausting and magic! She was the happiest person in the world then so she hugged him and screamed: YESSSSSS. In my opinion this method was the best to show how we can love someone so much. It was the strangest and the best married proposal I’ve even seen.