What people do to get to know new cultures, find a better job, get away from problems or just relax? They travel. In other words, they move from one place to another for a specific purpose. It is not surprising, then, that statistics show that nowadays more and more people do it, not only abroad, but also in the area of their own country. I firmly believe that there are many reasons why people travel, and the most important one is obviously a need for learning and exploring new things.

People travel to open their eyes to the world and develop. The opportunity of interaction with different societies and experience new cultures can give people the chance to test themselves and make them more tolerant and open-minded. What is more, it can show them the sights and values they might normally ignore. For example, when we are in our hometown, we don’t usually focus on details, we walk along buildings with indifference and our heads in the clouds. When we travel, it is quite different. Every fountain, sculpture, painting, path or plant seems to be exciting to us. Travel gives us sensitivity and perceptiveness. However, some people travel not in order to discover, but in order to destroy the pieces of art or culture. Some people leave their countries with no money to get by. This is why we often hear of immigrants who participate in crimes.

There is no doubt that people acquire information and increase their knowledge when they travel. Also, they learn new languages. Even people who have absolutely no talent for it will certainly learn a few expressions being overseas. For instance, when hearing the natives, you can learn the most necessary phrases to talk in a foreign language. That is why many people take part in the courses abroad. It is much easier to acquire language when being in its surrounding.

Travel is a great occasion to slow time down. Days are longer, more interesting and nothing is the same or prearranged. There is no strategy to follow. This refers to people who work very hard. For them, travel becomes a way to escape from different situations and problems and to relax for a while. Furthermore, it can also delay facing up with difficulties when they are not able to do so.

Another reason why people travel is family. If our relatives do not live in the same place as we do, we sooner or later feel that we need to visit them. What I mean is that nowadays, thanks to the European Union, many people are working abroad, for example in Norway or Ireland, and therefore more and more of their relatives travel to see them.

To sum up, there are multiple reasons of why people travel. There is no doubt that travel broadens people’s minds, helps to forget about problems, teaches various things and many more. Travelling can be satisfying and soothing, so that is why it is rather easy to realize why more and more people travel whenever they can.