The worst day in my life happened 2 years ago but I can still remember everything very quickly. I was on holiday in Cappadocia in Turkey. The weather was fantastic and nothing announced a disaster. I and my family were visiting one of the most beautiful monastery, which is located on a granite stone. Suddenly, we heard a terrible noise. A few seconds later we felt a very delicate impact. Everyone was panicked because our friends had gone on the beach 3 hours before. We didn’t know what had happened with them. Unfortunately, we wasn’t allowed to come back at the hotel. We must have waited until the police wouldn’t escorted us into police cars. When we were transported in the safety place, I couldn’t stop thinking about my friends. “If I had known about earthquake, I would have never left them”. Hardly had we got inside the police station when we heard terrible news in the radio. “About 1p.m. happened a tragic event. Many people died in the huge earthquake. Amongst the victims are two foreigner.” I was very scared and depressed. Unexpectedly, I heard a well known voice. I couldn’t believe in it. It was Mark and Anna!

Finally, we went at the our hotel and drunk the best chocolate, which I have ever drunk. I will never forget about that time.