Nowadays more lockal school than ever befor are broken into and vandalised in the evenings

and at the weekend by gangs youths. Young people paint the buildings and destroy public property.

What can we do to stop this from happening?

First, it could be helpful to install CCTV cameras in schools. This would help in observing

facilities and eliminate the bad behavior of teens.

Another way could be to hold places for young people, where they spend their free time actively,

as well as amusement parksor skate park, which can not think of another way to fill time after


I think the punishment to fit crime it is a good way to avoid bad behavior of youth. For example,

if we caught someone red-handed that person would be punished by the headmaster. People from

gangs of youths perform social works, pay the fine or repair the damage.

They are many ways to put a top to vandalism. It schouln't be tolerated under any circumstances.

Anna Krzemińska, kl. IIb