Television is one of the biggest providers of the news and information in the world. Some programs have educational value and some not. There are many programs which are not worth watching such as soap operas, stupid reality shows and talk shows. To my mind TV does not have large educational value. Why?

Firstly, we are limited to certain number of programs which do not have to present at all any didactic value. In addition, many programs are created just for money, such as soap operas or stupid reality shows.

Secondly, even if we find something good and worth watching we are tortured by blocks of ads so it all loses its sense. What is more, we cannot really choose what we want to watch. Despite hundreds of channels we just do not have freedom of choice because we cannot influence things which are being broadcasted.

However, if we struggle through it all we might pick out valuable TV quizzes and contests or documentaries which make us aware of interesting facts. Daily news bulletins are also interesting but only if they are solid and reliable.

All things considered, I think that television is all about the entertainment so it always will be weak in educational aspect. For instance, other media such as computer with access to the Internet are better in that point. Television does not allow us choose what we want to learn because we are treated just like stupid receivers of ads and talk shows or, what is worse, couch potatoes.