Many people these days think that money could make their life better and happier than before. But is that really true or is it just a silly creation of imagination? I fully support the view that you cannot buy the most important things in life such as love or health with money.

To start with, money in reality will not bring you happiness. For instance, you cannot buy affection of a person you love. You have to take your time and devote it to those you care about. In that same way you cannot buy friends or trust of other people.

Additionally, a large sum on your account does not have to provide you a long healthy life. You never know when your life will end. It might be in 10 years’ time, a week or just one day. It is also hard to enjoy pleasures when you are sick. Nothing can change your frame of mind and your feelings in one moment – even money.

However, the possession of large amount of cash will surely help you make your life happier and more colorful than it is. Holiday in the Bahamas for the whole family - why not? - but only if you can afford it.

I believe that money is an important thing in our life but they cannot provide us friends, a healthy long life, happiness and love. These parts of our lives do not count in dollars – they are invaluable.