I was shopping the other weekend and as usual. The shop was very crowded. There was not a lot of space to move to the next shelf.

Suddenly an old lady cried out: "Thief in the shop! Call the security". There was some commotion and everyone turned to look, but nobody was sure who the culprit was. Suspiction fell on other people, but no one admitted. No doubt the thief intended to run off, but as so often happens on these old shops, one set of doors wouldn't open.

Meanwhile, a security inspector came on at the back. In a moment the doors were blocked. The old lady smiled broadly. "Now he'll hopefully get what he deserves," she whispered. The security inspector approached a young man in a baseball cap and belonged his pockets. The young man shifted uneasily but there was no way to escape. He threw away the things he had stolen to find a way to escape, but all he found was a second security inspector. "I hope you'll answer for your faults," the lady called over.

The securiy inspector called the police and the man was soon dealt with. No doubt he was fined for theft.

The whole incident certainly cheered the rest of the clients up as we continued our shopping satisfied that the man had been caught red-handed and the crime didn't go unpunished.

230 słów.