I think fashion plays an important role in our lives. Every day we see people, who are dressed extraordinary and sometimes inadequately to weather. Particularly young people try to be fashionable and they think that cool outfits can make them cool. We have to consider what is the importance of fashion for social life.

Fashion has positive, but also negative effects on our lives. Buying new things cause spending too much money. Some people are crazy about trendy clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s irresponsibly and stupid, because often stylish things have horrible prices. Not everyone can afford it, but everyone want to. For this reason people have less time and money to other important things like family or hobby. Certainly we will die someday and then we will leave tons of unnecessary clothes.

But fashion satisfies some important desires of man whose satisfaction is necessary for his living in society. We’re feeling fulfilled when we’re buying new things. It makes us really happy. Expensive clothes shows that we’re progressive and we like changes. It’s necessary to get new job in modern place, where our appearance is important to work. Youth are popular, if they have things from expensive companies. Trendy clothes cause that we’re perceived differently and we're feeling the same way.

To sum up, we shouldn’t exaggerate with buying fashionable things in expensive stores. However, good-looking persons are well-thought-of, so sometimes we can go to the shopping center and throw ourselves into shopping.