from time to time we walk from school to the movies. Recently, the films refers to the Holocaust. January 22 we went for a movie in the dark, which is directed by Agnieszka Holland. History shows the times of World War II, the main character is played by Robert Leopold Więckiewicz. one day, take an extremely difficult task. For the money he has to hide him in a very well-known channels, Jews who fled from the liquidation of the ghetto. Leopold is ambiguous character, full of ambiguities, many negative characteristics. Więckiewicz amazing acting, the result is that we can not pull away from the sight. But it is also worth mentioning the background. Which is an incredibly interesting roles build two ladies and two gentlemen. Namely, Kinga Preis (Socha's wife), Agnieszka Grochowska (Jewish woman hiding in the sewers), Michael Zurawski (Bortnik) and Benno Furmann (a Jew who does not arouse our sympathy.) All four played a unique role! Holland, also shows the intimate life, and so on, which in the films so far mentioned. The so-called. love scenes are here on the word, realistic. Agnieszka Holland's film is extremely well thought out, full of metaphors, showing the time of the Holocaust from a different angle than all the previous films. I believe that "the darkness" deserves an Oscar because it is a film on a global rank of films showing the real life of ordinary people during World War II