Contemporary world is full of pointless establishments. Most of people think that everyone should be assigned to one of subcultures but there are some exceptions. Those who don’t care about this unwritten law are called individualists. What are advantages and disadvantages of being such person?

The most important thing which comes with this concept is absolute freedom and independence. Other people have internal need of following some common schemes. Individualists may ignore them and create they own style. It makes them more self-assure. They don’t care about fashion so they always feel comfortable. Clothes they like usually aren’t from newest collections so they are much cheaper. They are not strongly connected with any kind of music or art so they have very rich personality. They very interesting people so they can easily acquire others attention. Most people enjoy their company.

Being individualist is very hard today. Modern economy is aimed at needs of consumers. Most of producers tries to satisfy as much people as it’s possible so a man who doesn’t like common articles is often ignored. Some people may have negative attitude against them. Some groups don’t like when someone is adopting their interests without the rest of subculture. The most known example are football fans who are often striking people entering a match without properly colored clothes.

Although individualists might have harder lives in modern society they aren’t enslaved by pointless schemes. They are basing on their own feelings instead of feelings of majority. That makes them more than a normal human. The disadvantages of being individualist are nothing comparison to advantages.