Our scheme is very easy. We get up about 8 o'clock. We have a breakfast and then we start the lessons about 8.30. The end is about 12 o'clock. Our carer is awesome! This is gold man. He always help you if you need to. When we end lesson we have free time only for ourselfs we can do everything what we want to. We like go one the lake and talking and laughting.

So this is all of our school

hello tom. today you will see gdansk and the Baltic Sea :P we visit some monuments and you must to know my friends

- the meals always are at the same time : the breakfast in 8 a.m., dinner at 2p.m and the evening meal at 7 p.m

- get to my house is really easy :p you must go straight 100 m and you will see the pharmacy and big shop.next you turn right and you are in home :P