1. a wireless network device that connects a wireless network to a wired network

Odp: access point

2. a registration for a user of a network system. It is used for controlling access to the s...

Odp: account

3. the window in a WIMP system that is currently being used. It is usually on top of any oth...

Odp: active window

4. a mechanism that converts signals into mechanical movements

Odp: actuator

5. the set of conductors that carry the memory address signals between different parts of a ...

Odp: address bus

6. abbreviation for asymmetric digital subscriber line. A form of DSL that has a different b...


7. abbreviation for artificial intelligence

Odp: AI

8. a set of precise rules or instructions for solving a problem

Odp: algorithm

9. the alternative key on a computer keyboard that changes the function of the other keys wh...

Odp: Alt

10. the name of a well-known search engine website

Odp: AltaVista

11. a type of signal that can take any value between a maximum and a minimum

Odp: analogue signal

12. a slang term for an eccentric socially inept person with little or no fashion sense and h...

Odp: anorak

13. acronym for American National Standards Institute. An organisation that approves US stand...


14. American term for an aerial, i.e. a device that enables signals to be detected and transm...

Odp: antenna

15. prevents the build up of static electricity

Odp: anti-static

16. a computer program or set of programs used to detect, identify and remove viruses from a ...

Odp: anti-virus

17. the common name for Apple Computer Incorporated, a well-known producer of computers that ...

Odp: Apple

18. a family of personal computers produced by Apple Computer Inc.

Odp: Apple Macintosh

19. a very small self-contained computer program

Odp: applet

20. the only part of a network communications process that a user sees. It prepares a message...

Odp: application layer

21. a path available for a particular type of application data to enter or leave a network sy...

Odp: application port

22. a company that makes applications programs available over the Internet usually charging a...

Odp: application service provider

23. a computer program designed to be used for a particular purpose, e.g. a wordprocessor spr...

Odp: application

24. a person who writes applications programs using a computer language

Odp: applications programmer

25. the general specification of a system

Odp: architecture

26. a digital bit stored with a file indicating if the file has been backed up since it was l...

Odp: archive bit

27. acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A standard character enco...


28. a low-level computer language that uses mnemonics rather than only numbers making it easi...

Odp: assembly language

29. having a different signal bandwidth in each direction, i.e. the bandwidth for sending is ...

Odp: asymmetric

30. not synchronised, i.e. occurring at irregular intervals

Odp: asynchronous

31. abbreviation for American Telephone and Telegraph Company. One of the world's largest IT ...

Odp: AT&T

32. the name of a well known company that produces computer graphics cards

Odp: ATI

33. common abbreviation for automatic teller machine. The type of machine used by banks for e...

Odp: ATM

34. abbreviation for asynchronous transfer mode. A method of transferring fixed size data pac...

Odp: ATM

35. a process that checks the identity of a user or an object

Odp: authentication

36. a graphical icon that represents a real person in a cyberspace system

Odp: avatar

37. the common name for a bearer channel in an ISDN system

Odp: B channel

38. to store a copy of data on a storage device to keep it safe

Odp: backup

39. the main transmission path handling the major data traffic connecting different LANs toge...

Odp: backbone

40. the server part of a client-server configuration that provides a service on a network at ...

Odp: backend

41. the range of frequencies that can be transmitted over a communications channel

Odp: bandwidth

42. a sequence of vertical parallel lines used to give items a unique identification number

Odp: barcode

43. an optical input device that uses the reflection of a light beam to read barcode labels

Odp: barcode reader

44. acronym for Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code


45. a process in which all the data is collected and processed together in a batch rather tha...

Odp: batch mode

46. the name of one of the first microcomputers produced in the United Kingdom and used in sc...

Odp: BBC micro

47. the common name for the part of an ISDN line that carries the data

Odp: bearer channel

48. a simple high-level computer language often used for teaching programming

Odp: Instruction Code

49. the common name for a bi-directional frame in an MPEG compressed file

Odp: B-frame

50. a type of image frame used in MPEG compression. It is situated between I and P frames and...

Odp: bi-directional frame

51. a number system that only uses two digits, i.e. 1 and 0

Odp: binary

52. a security device that measures some aspect of a living being, e.g. a fingerprint reader ...

Odp: biometric device

53. acronym for Basic Input Output System. A part of the operating system stored on a ROM chi...


54. the industrial application of biological science techniques

Odp: biotechnology

55. a small unit of storage capacity. One of the eight binary digits that make up a byte. The...

Odp: bit

56. a way of reducing the size of a stored image where different digital bits or collections ...

Odp: bitmap compression

57. a collection of data stored together and treated as a single unit

Odp: block

58. the name of a high-speed microwave wireless network system developed by a group of compan...

Odp: Bluetooth

59. to store a link to a webpage to make it easier to find in the future

Odp: bookmark

60. to copy a part of the operating system into memory to allow a computer to start up

Odp: boot

61. a self-replicating program that stores itself in the part of a disk containing the progra...

Odp: boot sector virus

62. from the word robot. A computer program that runs automatically. Bots are often used for ...

Odp: bot

63. to set the boundaries of a message or part of a message by marking its beginning and its ...

Odp: bracketing

64. a hardware and software combination used to connect the same type of networks or to parti...

Odp: bridge

65. able to carry signals transmitted over a wide range of frequencies

Odp: broadband

66. to transmit signals that can be picked up by a large number of receivers

Odp: broadcast

67. to move from webpage to webpage using a Web browser program

Odp: browse

68. a program used for displaying webpages

Odp: browser

69. abbreviation for British Telecom. The organisation that provides the telephone system in ...

Odp: BT

70. a process of temporarily storing data from a fast source so that it can be fed at a stead...

Odp: buffering

71. a fault in a system

Odp: bug

72. an electronic noticeboard system that enables users to display messages for other users t...

Odp: bulletin board

73. a set of conductors that carry signals between different parts of a computer

Odp: bus

74. a unit of storage capacity. A byte is made up of eight bits and stores one character, i.e...

Odp: byte

75. a general purpose computer programming language that was originally designed for writing ...

Odp: C

76. the first hard disk in a personal computer

Odp: C drive

77. an object-oriented superset of the C programming language commonly used for writing appli...

Odp: C++

78. to temporarily store frequently-used data in fast memory so that it can be accessed more ...

Odp: cache

79. fast memory used to temporarily store frequently-used data to allow it to be accessed mor...

Odp: cache

80. a system that ensures that any changes written to main memory are reflected within the ca...

Odp: cache coherency

81. the set of electronic logic circuits that control the operation of cache memory

Odp: cache controller

82. the process of successfully finding the required data stored in cache memory

Odp: cache hit

83. a system that automatically discnects a telephone line after receiving a call and then ...

Odp: callback system

84. a display device that uses an electron gun to fire a beam of electrons at a phosphor-coat...

Odp: cathode ray tube

85. abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate. A starting level networking qualifica...


86. abbreviation for compact disk read only memory. A read only storage device in the form of...

Odp: CD / CD-ROM

87. a storage device for reading CD-ROM disks

Odp: CD-ROM drive

88. the common name for a cellular phone

Odp: cellphone

89. a radio communications systems that divides a region into cells so that each region becom...

Odp: cellular network

90. a cellular telephone. A mobile telephone that communicates with a local transmitter locat...

Odp: cellular phone

91. the electronic processor at the centre of a computer. The term is sometimes used to refer...

Odp: central processing unit

92. a path for the transmission of data

Odp: channel

93. a virtual space on a website where online discussions organised around specific interests...

Odp: chat room

94. information written to disks in a RAID system which is used to restore data if one of the...

Odp: check data

95. a calculated value that is stored with data to detect any errors that may occur when the ...

Odp: checksum

96. common name for a microchip. An electronic integrated circuit in a small package.

Odp: chip

97. the name of a company that makes networking system hardware such as that used to operate ...

Odp: Cisco

98. the term used for a collection of objects in object oriented programming

Odp: class

99. a term used in data mining meaning to remove duplicate information and erroneous data

Odp: cleanse

100. to press and release the (left-hand) button on a mouse

Odp: left click

101. a network computer used for accessing a service on a server

Odp: client

102. a program that is accessed from a client computer but most of the processing is carried o...

Odp: client-server application

103. professionally-prepared graphical images stored on a computer system

Odp: clipart

104. the name used in Microsoft Windows for the section of memory that temporarily stores data...

Odp: Clipboard

105. the set of electronic circuits used to control the timing of signals and synchronise diff...

Odp: clock

106. a term used in data mining meaning a group of data that has similar features or is based ...

Odp: cluster

107. a method used in data mining that divides data into groups based on similar features or l...

Odp: clustering

108. abbreviation for computer mediated communication, i.e. the transfer of messages using a c...

Odp: CMC

109. abbreviation for Certified Novell Engineer. A qualification aimed at people interested in...

Odp: CNE

110. a type of shielded cable for carrying signals. It is often used with radio frequency and ...

Odp: coax / coaxial

111. acronym for Common Business-Oriented Language


112. a piece of program text written in a programming language

Odp: code

113. to write the text of a program or part of a program using a computer language

Odp: code

114. abbreviation for coder/decoder. A program used for converting sound and video signals for...

Odp: codec

115. a DOS program with a .com filename extension that loads and runs in 64 kilobytes or less ...

Odp: COM program

116. the part of an operating system that processes commands that are part of a program or are...

Odp: command interpreter

117. the model name of one of the first popular personal computers to be made available in the...

Odp: Commodore 64

118. a high-level computer programming language. It is the principal transaction processing la...

Odp: Common Business-Oriented Language

119. able to operate on the same type of system or run the same software

Odp: compatible

120. to convert a program written in a high-level language into machine code using a compiler

Odp: compile

121. a program that converts the whole of a program into machine code before the program is us...

Odp: compiler

122. to reduce to a much smaller size

Odp: compress

123. the process used for reducing a file to a much smaller size

Odp: compression

124. a general purpose machine that can be programmed to process data in a variety of ways

Odp: computer

125. a person who is paid to advise on computing system issues

Odp: computer consultant

126. a person who designs and develops computer systems

Odp: computer engineer

127. a room full of computers used for study

Odp: computer lab

128. a language used for writing computer programs

Odp: computer language

129. a person whose job it is to operate part of a computer system

Odp: computer operator

130. a person whose job it is to sell computers

Odp: computer salesperson

131. the study of computers and their use

Odp: computer science / computing science

132. a person who provides a service of maintaining and troubleshooting computers

Odp: computer services engineering technician

133. the process of designing using a computer program

Odp: computer-aided design

134. the process of manufacturing goods using a computer

Odp: computer-aided manufacture

135. changed so that it can be operated or controlled using a computer

Odp: computerised

136. a process of transferring messages using computers

Odp: computer-mediated communication

137. the theory and practice of computers

Odp: computing

138. a field of work that provides a service including setting up, maintaining and troubleshoo...

Odp: computing support

139. a person whose job it is to provide support to computer users including setting up, maint...

Odp: computing support officer

140. to adjust the settings

Odp: configure

141. the characteristic of being connected

Odp: connectivity

142. a data bit used to mark parts of a transmitted signal so that the transmission can be con...

Odp: control bit

143. the set of conductors that carry the control signals between the Control Unit and other p...

Odp: control bus

144. to damage in such a way that prevents normal use

Odp: corrupt

145. a Unix command for copying a file

Odp: cp


Odp: CPU

147. to break into a computer system in order to steal information or cause damage

Odp: crack

148. to fail suddenly and completely usually referring to the failure of a hard disk

Odp: crash

149. abbreviation for cathode ray tube

Odp: CRT

150. set of symbols that signify pressing the combination of the control-alternative and delet...

Odp: Ctrl + Alt + Del

151. a symbol on the monitor screen that indicates the point on the screen that is being used

Odp: cursor

152. to remove some data from a file and temporarily store it in the computer's memory then in...

Odp: cut and paste

153. a digital image of an attractive female that is used in programs on the Internet

Odp: cyberbabe

154. the study of control and communication in animals and machines. It is used in the design ...

Odp: cybernetics

155. the combination of all the data on all the computer networks throughout the world accesse...

Odp: cyberspace

156. a man-machine system or a person made superhuman by a machine or external system that cha...

Odp: cyborg

157. the common name for a data channel in an ISDN system

Odp: D channel

158. the information processed by a computer

Odp: [1,2,5,6,12,15,17,18, 19,21,22,23] the information processed by a computer

159. a large collection of data that can be accessed by many users and enables them to copy or...

Odp: data bank

160. the set of conductors that carry the data signals between different parts of a computer

Odp: data bus

161. a facility for storing large amounts of information

Odp: data centre

162. the common name for the part of an ISDN line that carries signalling and supervisory info...

Odp: data channel

163. the transmission and reception of data signals using a communications network and appropr...

Odp: data communications

164. a measure of how resistant a system is to causing corruption in data while it is being st...

Odp: data integrity

165. a storage system that archives large amounts of data in a way that makes it easy to acces...

Odp: data mart

166. a process of analysing a large amount of stored data to find new useful information

Odp: data mining

167. the flow of data

Odp: data stream

168. a computing centre that provides a large collection of data gathered from different sourc...

Odp: data warehouse

169. a type of applications program used for storing information so that it can be easily sear...

Odp: database

170. a system for transmitting data from one computer to another

Odp: data-delivery system

171. the part of a network communicatio system that supervises the transmission. It confirms...

Odp: data-link layer

172. a Unix and MS-DOS command for displaying the current date

Odp: date

173. abbreviation for double data rate. A type of memory that transfers data on both the up an...

Odp: DDR

174. to find and fix faults in a program or system

Odp: debug

175. a range of computers produced by the Digital Equipment Corporation using their Vax range ...


176. to change coded information into normal text

Odp: decipher

177. a type of grid used in computer program design to show what actions should be taken by th...

Odp: decision table

178. an Al technique used in data mining that separates data into subsets then further divides...

Odp: decision tree

179. to decide what a program instruction means

Odp: decode

180. to remove the compression, i.e. to expand to its original size

Odp: decompress

181. to recover the original text from an encrypted message

Odp: decrypt

182. a computer crime that involves changing the information shown on another person's website...

Odp: defacing

183. an initial setting that can be changed by the user

Odp: default

184. a type of computer crime that involves swamping a server with large numbers of requests

Odp: denial of service attack

185. the main graphical user interface background screen that displays icons for other program...

Odp: desktop

186. a personal computer that is designed to be used on an office desk

Odp: desktop / PC

187. a computer program designed to be used on a desktop computer

Odp: desktop application

188. a small computer providing a variety of tools for organising work, e.g. a calendar, to do...

Odp: desktop organiser

189. the phases a software product goes through from when it is first thought of until it beco...

Odp: development life cycle

190. abbreviation for dynamic hypertext markup language. A development of HTML that allows the...


191. a communications system that allows computers to connect together using a telephone line

Odp: dial-up networking

192. a type of backup that copies all the selected files on a system that have been changed si...

Odp: differential backup

193. an electronic system that has only two states, e.g. off or on

Odp: digital

194. an input device for taking pictures. It has an electronic lens and uses electronics for s...

Odp: digital camera

195. electronic currency that is stored on electronically sensitive cards or exists in cybersp...

Odp: digital cash

196. an electronic message used to show a transaction is trustworthy. It contains information ...

Odp: digital certificate

197. a broadband communications system that allows digital signals to be transferred across an...

Odp: digital subscriber line

198. to convert an analogue wave into a digital pulse

Odp: digitise

199. a storage area used for grouping files so that they can be easily located. A directory is...

Odp: directory / folder

200. a flat circular storage device

Odp: disk

201. a linked collection of storage devices that work together to act like a much Langer disk

Odp: disk array

202. a storage device for reading from and writing to disks

Odp: disk drive

203. a vertical bar that divides a Windows Explorer window into two parts. One part shows the ...

Odp: divider

204. abbreviation for domain name system

Odp: DNS

205. an identifier used on the Internet in place of the numerical Internet address. It identif...

Odp: domain name

206. a network server computer used for operating and controlling the domain name system

Odp: domain name server

207. a system of associating the name of a device on a network such as the Internet with its n...

Odp: domain name system

208. a printer that prints by hammering pins onto an inked ribbon

Odp: dot-matrix printer

209. to press and release the left-hand button on a mouse two times in rapid succession

Odp: doubleclick

210. to copy a file from a server to a client computer in a network

Odp: download

211. a process of copying a file from a server to a client computer in a network

Odp: download

212. the signal path for receiving communications from a server to a client computer in a netw...

Odp: downstream

213. to move data from one location to another with a mouse. Holding down the mouse button whi...

Odp: drag and drop

214. a set of hard disks that are used in a RAID system

Odp: drive array

215. a systems program that controls a peripheral device

Odp: driver

216. abbreviation for digital subscriber line

Odp: DSL

217. abbreviation for desktop publishing. A process of designing documents for publishing usin...

Odp: DTP

218. able to transfer data in both directions, i.e. can send and receive data

Odp: duplex

219. abbreviation for digital versatile disk read only memory. An optical disk storage device ...


220. abbreviation for digital versatile disk +/- re-writable. A type of optical disk that uses...

Odp: DVD

221. abbreviation for European Article Number system. The European price and item codes common...

Odp: EAN

222. sound output device that fits into the ear of the user

Odp: earphone

223. a common name for an electrical ground point or zero voltage point

Odp: earth

224. common name for an electronic book

Odp: ebook

225. common name for an electronic book reader

Odp: ebook reader

226. common term for electronic business, i.e. business that is carried out using the Internet

Odp: e-business

227. common name for electronic cash

Odp: e-cash

228. abbreviation for error code correcting memory. A type of memory often used in server comp...

Odp: ECC memory

229. the business of buying and selling goods and services on the Internet

Odp: e-commerce

230. a computer program for making changes to text in computer programs or data

Odp: editor

231. a system that has both educational and entertainment value

Odp: edutainment

232. a computing device that displays the text and images of an electronic book

Odp: electronic reader / electronic book reader

233. a book that is displayed using a computing device instead of being printed on paper

Odp: electronic book

234. data that represents real money that is stored and transferred on computing devices conne...

Odp: electronic cas

235. an organisation that produces ebooks

Odp: electronic publisher

236. a computer program represented by an animated screen image that is used to help the user ...

Odp: electronic virtual assistant

237. the common name for an electronic mail message, i.e. a text message sent electronically u...

Odp: email

238. to send an email message

Odp: email

239. the unique address code used to contact someone using electronic mail

Odp: email address

240. a file that is attached to an email message

Odp: email attachment

241. a computer program used for reading and sending email

Odp: email program

242. an Internet service that allows user to send and receive emails

Odp: email service

243. a key feature of object-oriented programming that bundles data and program instructions i...

Odp: encapsulation

244. to write information in a coded form

Odp: encode

245. a computer program that converts WAV files into MP3 files or vice versa

Odp: encoder

246. to transform data into coded form to make it secure

Odp: encrypt

247. the transformation of data into coded form to make it secure

Odp: encryption

248. another name for the RETURN key on a computer keyboard. Pressing the ENTER key inserts th...

Odp: Enter

249. a type of computer program for planning and organising business functions in an enterpris...

Odp: enterprise resource planning tool

250. acronym for electronic point-of-sale till. A computerised cash register that edits record...

Odp: EPOS till

251. the production of ebooks

Odp: e-publishing

252. abbreviation for enterprise resource planning

Odp: ERP

253. common term for electronic solutions, i.e. ways of solving a problem or providing a servi...

Odp: e-solution

254. a widely-used local area network standard that broadcasts packets of data that are addres...

Odp: Ethernet

255. a Microsoft Windows program that includes an email program, a calendar task list and addr...

Odp: Microsoft Exchange / Exchange

256. an MS-DOS executable program that has an .exe filename extension. It can use more than 64...

Odp: exe program

257. containing instructions that can be run or executed by the processor

Odp: executable

258. to perform a computer operation by processing a program instruction

Odp: execute

259. an electronic circuit board used for adding facilities to a computer

Odp: expansion card

260. a long thin connector that is used for adding additional electronics in the form of expan...

Odp: expansion slot

261. an artificial intelligence program that collects and uses human expertise to allow non-ex...

Odp: expert system

262. able to be added to, e.g. in an extensible language a developer can add their own terms

Odp: extensible

263. metalanguage that allows developers to create their own set of customised tags that ide...

Odp: extensible markup language

264. acronym used on websites for frequently-asked question

Odp: FAQ

265. a computer's ability to recover from hardware errors

Odp: fault tolerance

266. to go and get the next instruction or piece of data from memory

Odp: fetch

267. a high speed interconnection standard used in storage area networks

Odp: Fibre Channel

268. a type of plastic or glass connector that enables signals to be carried using laser light

Odp: fibre-optics cabl

269. a section of a database where an item of data is stored

Odp: field

270. a computer program or data stored on a storage device

Odp: file

271. a main computer that provides a storage area for data files on a network

Odp: file server

272. an Internet service that allows users to transfer files from one computer to another

Odp: file transfer protocol

273. a virus that attaches itself to a program file

Odp: file virus

274. a collection of computer files stored centrally on a network server

Odp: filestore

275. a combination of hardware and software used to control the data going into and out of a n...

Odp: firewall

276. to mark in a way that indicates that a particular condition has occurred

Odp: flag

277. an electronic memory storage device that plugs into a computer and acts like a disk drive

Odp: flash drive

278. a simple database in which all the data is stored in one table which is not related to an...

Odp: flat file database

279. a magnetic storage device in the form of a small plastic disk. Also known as a diskette.

Odp: floppy / floppy disk

280. a common magnetic storage device that reads and writes data on a floppy disk. Also known ...

Odp: floppy drive / floppy disk drive

281. a kind of diagram used by programmers to show the logical steps in a program or by system...

Odp: flowchart

282. acronym for Formula Translator. A high-level computing language that was designed by scie...


283. to pass on without changing the content, e.g. a received email can be passed on to or for...

Odp: forward

284. a section of a webpage that acts as an independent browser window. Clicking on a link in ...

Odp: frame

285. an organisation that is dediced to producing software that can be used by anyone who wa...

Odp: Free Software Foundation

286. to make space available, e.g. by deleting files on a hard disk

Odp: free up

287. computer programs that are made available to anyone who wants to use them at no cost to t...

Odp: freeware

288. a set of frequencies that are used together to provide a path for the transmission of sig...

Odp: frequency band

289. an electronic device for showing the frequency of a signal

Odp: frequency display

290. a process of changing frequencies within a fixed bandwidth during a transmission so that ...

Odp: frequency hopping

291. abbreviation for front-side bus. The set of connectors on a motherboard that carry data s...

Odp: FSB

292. abbreviation for file transfer protocol

Odp: FTP

293. a type of backup that copies all the selected files on a system whether or not they have ...

Odp: full backup

294. able to transfer data in both directions simultaneously, i.e. data can be transmitted and...

Odp: full-duplex

295. a person who studies and predicts what technology will be like and what effects it will h...

Odp: futurologist

296. an electronic device used for playing computer games

Odp: games console

297. an interface that enables dissimilar networks to communicate such as two LANs based on di...

Odp: gateway

298. abbreviation for a gigabyte

Odp: G

299. although it was originally a derogatory term used for an expert lacking in social skills,...

Odp: geek

300. a GSM data transmission technique that transmits and receives data in packets

Odp: general packet radio service

301. a computer language that can be used to write different types of programs

Odp: general-purpose language

302. to register the Web address of a website on an Internet search engine

Odp: get listed

303. abbreviation for gigahertz

Odp: GHz

304. acronym for graphics interchange format. A way of storing images in a compressed form.

Odp: GIF

305. a unit of storage capacity equal to 1 073 741 824 bits

Odp: gigabit

306. a unit of storage capacity equal to 1 073 741 824 bytes

Odp: gigabyte

307. a unit of frequency equal to one thousand million hertz (cycles every second)

Odp: gigahertz

308. a system that determines the user's location by comparing radio signals from several sate...

Odp: global positioning system

309. a project to build a complete user-friendly Unix-like desktop system based entirely on fr...

Odp: Gnome

310. a freely distributed portable Unix compatible software system

Odp: GNU

311. the name of a popular website that provides a keyword search engine to enable user to sea...

Odp: Google

312. abbreviation for general packet radio service


313. abbreviation for global positioning system

Odp: GPS

314. an electronic device that uses slider controls to adjust the frequency response of an aud...

Odp: graphic equaliser

315. the part of an operating system that allows the user to interact with a computer using gr...

Odp: graphical interface / graphical user interface / GUI

316. a Unix command for searching through one or more text files for a specific text string

Odp: grep

317. acronym for graphical user interface

Odp: GUI

318. to gain unauthorised access to a network system

Odp: hack

319. a skilled programmer who attempts to gain unauthorised access to a network system

Odp: hacker

320. able to transfer data in both directions but only in one direction at a time, i.e. data c...

Odp: half-duplex

321. a small portable computer that can be held in one hand

Odp: handheld / handheld computer

322. to suddenly and unexpectedly stop processing during the execution of a program

Odp: hang

323. a common magnetic storage device that reads and writes data on metal disks inside a seale...

Odp: hard disk drive / HDD

324. the physical components of a computer system

Odp: hardware

325. the part of a disk drive that reads and writes data to the disk

Odp: head / disk drive head

326. the first section of a message that contains information about the content and transmissi...

Odp: header

327. sound output device that fits over the ears of the user

Odp: headphone

328. a telephone service for helping users solve problems that occur on computer systems

Odp: help-des

329. a set of computer programs with a wide variety of complex features

Odp: high-end package

330. a British college qualification that can be gained through part-time or full-time study. ...

Odp: Higher National Certificate

331. a British college qualification that usually requires a period of full-time study. It is ...

Odp: Higher National Diploma

332. a programming language closer to human language than low-level computer languages such as...

Odp: high-level language

333. a computer program written using a high-level language

Odp: high-level program

334. to select by marking on the display screen

Odp: highlight

335. a computer crime that involves redirecting anyone trying to visit a certain website elsew...

Odp: hijacking

336. abbreviation for Higher National Certificate

Odp: HNC

337. abbreviation for Higher National Diploma

Odp: HND

338. the button icon on a Web browser program that takes you to the starting webpage

Odp: Home button

339. the main start page of a website

Odp: homepage

340. a computer that provides a service on a network / a program that carries a virus

Odp: host

341. the location of a wireless access point. Often found in public places such as airports, s...

Odp: hotspot

342. to hold a cursor over an icon for a short period of time

Odp: hover

343. abbreviation for hypertext markup language. A page description language that uses a syste...


344. an electronic device at the centre of a star network topology

Odp: hub

345. a common connection point for devices on a network

Odp: hub

346. a robot with human characteristics

Odp: humanoid

347. a text or image in a webpage that causes a related webpage to be displayed or another pro...

Odp: hyperlink

348. a page description language that has a set of tags that can be inserted into a document t...

Odp: hypertext markup language

349. abbreviation for input/output


350. abbreviation for International Business Machines, the largest computer company in the wor...

Odp: IBM

351. abbreviation for integrated circuit. A complete electronic circuit built on a single sili...

Odp: IC

352. a small picture used in a WIMP system to represent a program folder or file

Odp: icon

353. a wireless networking system standard approved by the American regulating organisation ca...

Odp: IEEE802.il

354. the common name for an intra frame in an MPEG compressed file

Odp: l-frame

355. a computer program that allows the user to make changes to images

Odp: image editor

356. a graphic image with separate areas that contain hyperlinks to different parts of a websi...

Odp: image map

357. acronym for Internet mail access protocol


358. the folder in an email program where emails are stored when they are first received

Odp: inbox

359. a type of backup that copies all the selected files that have been changed since the last...

Odp: incremental backup

360. a set of radiowave frequencies centred around 2.45GHz used for industrial scientific and ...

Odp: industrial scientific and medical band

361. an informal term for a global high-speed network providing communication services that ar...

Odp: information superhighway

362. the study and practice of techniques or use of equipment for dealing with information

Odp: information technology

363. a key feature of object-oriented programming that allows specific instances of a class to...

Odp: inheritance

364. done by employees of an organisation rather than people outside the organisation

Odp: in-house

365. to reboot or restart the computer

Odp: initialise the hard disk

366. to put data into a system

Odp: input

367. data put into a system

Odp: input

368. a piece of equipment used for putting data into a computer

Odp: input device

369. one line of a computer program

Odp: instruction

370. a broadband network communications system that allows the ordinary analogue telephone sys...

Odp: integrated services digital network

371. the American company that designs and produces the electronic processors used in most of ...

Odp: Intel

372. a computer utility program that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks for the use...

Odp: intelligent agent

373. allows two-way communication so that the user can respond or interact with the system

Odp: interactive

374. the hardware or software that connects two systems and allows them to communicate with ea...

Odp: interface

375. a 32-bit codnumber assigned to every node on the Internet. It consists of a series of n...

Odp: Internet protocol address

376. a free browser program developed by the Microsoft Corporation

Odp: Internet Explorer / Microsoft Internet Explorer

377. a set of standards for accessing email messages stored on an email server. Initially only...

Odp: Internet mail access protocol

378. the basic set of standards for enabling computers to communicate over the Internet

Odp: Internet protocol

379. an organisation that provides Internet connections for a fee

Odp: Internet service provider

380. the connection of computer networks across the world

Odp: Internet / the Internet

381. a program that converts other programs into machine code line by line as the programs are...

Odp: interpreter

382. a type of image frame used in MPEG compression which contains only information in the pic...

Odp: intra frame

383. a computer network that is internal to an organisation and uses the TCP/IP protocol in th...

Odp: intranet

384. abbreviation for Internet protocol. A part of the TCP/IP protocol used on the Internet.

Odp: IP

385. abbreviation for Internet protocol address

Odp: IP address

386. the IP part of a TCP/IP system

Odp: IP-layer

387. abbreviation for Internet relay chat. An Internet service that allows user to have a conv...

Odp: IRC

388. a process of identifying a user by scanning their eyes

Odp: iris recognition

389. an abbreviated form of information systems manager. A person who manages a computer-based...

Odp: IS Manager

390. abbreviation for integrated services digital network


391. an electronic device that isolates a network system from high voltages and allows it to u...

Odp: isolation adapter

392. abbreviation for Internet service provider

Odp: ISP

393. abbreviation for information technology

Odp: IT

394. a process that is repeated as long as certain conditions remain true

Odp: iteration / loop structure

395. object-oriented computer programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems i...

Odp: Java

396. a scripting language that allows simple programs to be embedded into HTML documents

Odp: JavaScript

397. a cursor control device in the form of a movable stick that is usually used for controlli...

Odp: joystick

398. abbreviation for joint photographic expert group -the committee that devised a common sta...


399. a programming instruction that causes a program to change its normal sequence

Odp: JUMP comman

400. unwanted and unsolicited email that is normally advertising or trying to sell something

Odp: junk email

401. abbreviation for a kilobyte. A unit of storage capacity equal to 1024 bytes.

Odp: K

402. abbreviation for kilobits per second. A unit of signal speed equal to 1024 bits every sec...

Odp: Kbi

403. abbreviation for kilobits per second. A unit of signal speed equal to 1024 bits every sec...

Odp: kbps

404. a graphical user interface used with the Linux operating system

Odp: KDE

405. the lowest level layer at the core of an operating system. It deals with allocating hardw...

Odp: kernel

406. the main electronic input device that has keys arranged in a similar layout to a typewrit...

Odp: keyboard

407. the process of pressing and releasing a key on a keyboard

Odp: keystroke

408. a word used to categorise documents or records in a file. Keywords can be used by a searc...

Odp: keyword

409. abbreviation for kilohertz. A unit of frequency equal to 1000 cycles every second.

Odp: kHz

410. an application program that is particularly useful and popular, making a computer system ...

Odp: killer application

411. a collection of information that can be easily modified, revised and manipulated to enabl...

Odp: knowledge base

412. acronym for local area network

Odp: LAN

413. software that performs computer language translation

Odp: language processor

414. the largest type of portable computer

Odp: laptop

415. a printer that prints using toner powder and laser light on a photosensitive drum

Odp: laser printer

416. abbreviation for liquid crystal display. An electronic display device that uses liquid cr...

Odp: LCD

417. a cable connection that is rented for use in a communications system

Odp: leased line

418. a set of programmed functions that are made available for use by any program

Odp: library

419. the amount of data transferred each time there is a transfer between the main memory and ...

Odp: line size

420. a common term used for a hyperlink, i.e. the connection of a webpage to another webpage o...

Odp: link

421. a clone of the Unix operating system created by Linus Torvalds for use on personal comput...

Odp: Linux

422. the Linux-user term for a complete operating system kit complete with the utilities and a...

Odp: Linux distribution

423. to copy a program from a storage device into the computer's memory

Odp: load

424. computers connected together over a small area such as a company department

Odp: local area network

425. to record the time that an event happened

Odp: log

426. a record of when an event happened

Odp: log

427. to connect to a network system account normally using a password

Odp: logon

428. destructive code introduced into a program that is triggered by some event taking place o...

Odp: logic bomb

429. a digital electronic circuit that compares two or more inputs and gives an output accordi...

Odp: logic circuit

430. a method by which a program uses two sets of related records to find a required value. It...

Odp: look-up table

431. a computer language such as machine code or assembly language that is closer to the form ...

Odp: low-level language

432. an electronic card that gives the owner discount on purchases at a particular store depen...

Odp: loyalty card

433. a Unix command for printing a file

Odp: Ipr

434. a Unix command for displaying a list of files in a directory

Odp: Is

435. abbreviation for metre. An international unit for distance.

Odp: m

436. abbreviation for milliamp. A unit of current equal to one thousandth of an amp.

Odp: mA

437. the common name for the Apple Macintosh range of computers. A type of personal computer m...

Odp: Mac / Apple Mac

438. acronym for message-authentication code

Odp: MAC

439. a computer language that consists entirely of a combination of Is and Os

Odp: machine code

440. another name for artificial intelligence

Odp: machine intelligence

441. the family of operating systems used on the Apple Macintosh range of computers

Odp: Mac OS

442. a virus program in the form of a macro program

Odp: macro virus

443. a magnetic storage medium in the form of a thin plastic ribbon wound on a reel or a casse...

Odp: magnetic tape

444. a computer crime that involves inundating an email address with thousands of messages slo...

Odp: mail bombing

445. an email program that connects to an email server to send and receive email

Odp: mail client

446. a network service that stores email messages and enables email clients to send and receiv...

Odp: mail server

447. a folder used by an email server to store a user's emails

Odp: mailbox

448. a wordprocessing facility that causes a mailing list to be automatically combined with a ...

Odp: mailmerge

449. the electronic memory that holds the programs and data being used

Odp: main memory

450. the largest and most powerful type of computer. It is operated by a team of professionals...

Odp: mainframe

451. the main electricity supply

Odp: mains line

452. a Unix command for viewing the online manual pages on a Unix system

Odp: man

453. a set of tags that can be inserted into a document to indicate its layout and appearance

Odp: markup language

454. being part of a system in which an application is processed by up to 200 or more processo...

Odp: massively parallel

455. abbreviation for a megabyte

Odp: M

456. abbreviation for megabit per second. A unit of signal speed equal to 1 048 576 bits every...

Odp: Mbi

457. abbreviation for megabits per second. A unit of signal speed equal to 1 048 576 bits ever...

Odp: Mbps

458. a unit of storage capacity equal to 1 048 576 bytes

Odp: megabyte

459. a unit of frequency equal to 1 million cycles every second

Odp: megahertz

460. a unit of electrical resistance equal to 1 million ohms

Odp: megohm

461. the electronic part of a computer system that is used for temporarily storing the program...

Odp: memory

462. a list of options displayed on a computer screen

Odp: menu

463. a row of icons on a display screen that open up menus when selected

Odp: menu bar

464. a number produced by a message-digest function that is used to make a message tamper-proo...

Odp: message-authentication code

465. a program function that processes a message to produce a number called a message-authenti...

Odp: message-digest function

466. a system that allows the receiver of a message to detect whether someone has tampered wit...

Odp: message-integrity scheme

467. data about data in a document

Odp: metadata

468. a language from which you can create other languages

Odp: metalanguage

469. abbreviation for megahertz

Odp: MHz

470. an electronic integrated circuit in a small package

Odp: microchip

471. a personal computer. Smaller and less powerful than a mainframe or a minicomputer.

Odp: microcomputer

472. the main electronic chip in a computer. It can be thought of as the 'brain' of the comput...

Odp: microprocessor

473. the common name for the Microsoft Corporation. The company founded by Bill Gates that dev...

Odp: Microsoft

474. a high-frequency electromagnetic wave used in data communication systems

Odp: microwave

475. acronym for musical instrument digital interface. A standard for connecting musical instr...


476. a computer that is slightly less powerful and a little smaller than a mainframe

Odp: minicomputer

477. a compact Unix clone written as a teaching aid by Professor Andy Tannenbaum

Odp: Minix

478. a technique used in RAID 1 systems where at least two hard disks are paired in such a way...

Odp: mirroring

479. the part of a computer virus that enables it to hide itself by altering the normal sequen...

Odp: misdirection routine

480. an electronic device used in audio recording that allows a number of audio inputs to be m...

Odp: mixing desk

481. a Unix and MS-DOS command for creating a directory

Odp: mkdir

482. a wireless telephone that operates over a wide area

Odp: mobile phone

483. short for modulator/demodulator. An electronic device that converts signals to enable a c...

Odp: modem

484. a process of combining a data signal with a carrier wave by causing the data signal to mo...

Odp: modulation

485. the main output device used to display the output from a computer on a screen. See VDU.

Odp: monitor

486. acronym for multi-user object oriented. An Internet virtual environment developed from mu...

Odp: MOO

487. the main electronic circuit board inside a computer that holds and connects together all ...

Odp: motherboard

488. a common cursor control input device used with a graphical user interface. It commonly ha...

Odp: mouse

489. a switch on a mouse that is pressed to select an object on the screen

Odp: mouse button

490. a cursor image in the shape of an arrow that is controlled by a mouse and is used for poi...

Odp: mouse pointer

491. a Microsoft Windows operating system feature that changes the function of the numeric key...

Odp: MouseKeys

492. abbreviation for MPEG Audio Layer 3. A Motion Picture Experts Group standard for audio co...

Odp: MP3

493. a standard video compression scheme. The term is an acronym for Motion Picture Experts Gr...


494. abbreviation for Microsoft disk operating system. The command line operating system that ...


495. the combination of text graphics animation sound and video

Odp: multimedia

496. the process of operating a user interface using a combination of types of input, e.g. key...

Odp: multimodal input

497. abbreviation for multiple virtual storage. It is the name given to a family of operating ...

Odp: MVS

498. abbreviation for milliwatt. A unit of power equal to one thousandth of a watt.

Odp: mW

499. a Microsoft Windows feature that simplifies the process of copying and synchronising file...

Odp: My Briefcase

500. acronym for network attached storage. A device that can be plugged into a network to prov...

Odp: NAS

501. the process of writing programs using a computer language that is very similar to natural...

Odp: natural-language programming

502. the common name for the Internet

Odp: Net / the Net

503. a widely used web browser package

Odp: Netscape Communicator

504. a widely-used LAN operating system produced by Novell Incorporated

Odp: NetWare

505. to connect a number of computers and peripheral devices together

Odp: network

506. a combination of a number of computers and peripheral devices connected together

Odp: network

507. a computer designed using the industry specification from Oracle and Sun Microsystems for...

Odp: network computer

508. a person who is an expert in networking and gives talks and advice on the future developm...

Odp: network guru

509. the part of a network communications system that forms the data into packets and selects ...

Odp: network layer

510. an operating system that is used to administer and control a network allowing computers t...

Odp: network operating system

511. an artificial intelligence system that is capable of developing rules from given input so...

Odp: neural net / neural network

512. an Internet discussion group that uses a restricted area on a server computer to display ...

Odp: newsgroup

513. a network terminal or point where a computer is connected to a network

Odp: node

514. a portable computer that is about the same size as a piece of writing paper

Odp: notebook

515. the common name for Novell Incorporated. The American company that designs and produces t...

Odp: Novell

516. the section of a computer keyboard that includes keys for entering numerical digits (0-9)...

Odp: numeric keyboard

517. an object-oriented programming module that has its own properties created by bundling dat...

Odp: object

518. a type of programming where programs are made from combinations of predefined modules tha...

Odp: object-oriented programming

519. abbreviation for optical character recognition

Odp: OCR

520. a widely-used application package developed by the Microsoft Corporation that includes pr...

Odp: Office / Microsoft Office

521. a computer program or set of programs that are used in a typical office, e.g. a wordproce...

Odp: office application

522. disconnected from a computer system or the Internet

Odp: offline

523. connected to a computer system or the Internet

Odp: online

524. acronym for object-oriented programming

Odp: OOP

525. part of a system of software development where anyone is free to take a copy of the sourc...

Odp: Open Source

526. the set of programs that control the basic functions of a computer and provide communicat...

Odp: operating system

527. a process that enables a computer to scan and recognise printed characters using the refl...

Odp: optical character recognition

528. a type of storage device that reads or writes data using laser light, e.g. CD-ROM, DVD-RW

Odp: optical drive

529. a common name for glass fibre cable used in high speed networks. It enables data signals ...

Odp: optical fibre

530. data storage material that is written to or read from using laser light

Odp: optical media

531. a widely used database management system


532. abbreviation for operating system

Odp: OS

533. version 10 of the Apple Macintosh operating system. It is a modular OS and has a desktop ...

Odp: OS X

534. a free graphical interface email program integrated into the Internet Explorer browser de...

Odp: Outlook Express

535. the processed data or signals that come out of a computer system

Odp: output

536. abbreviation for picoamp. A unit of current equal to a millionth of a millionth of an amp...

Odp: pA

537. an application program or collection of programs that can be used in different ways

Odp: package / software package

538. a fixed size unit of data prepared for transmission across a network. Messages are normal...

Odp: packet

539. a method of transferring data across a network by dividing it into packets and transferri...

Odp: packet-switching

540. a type of programming language that uses tags to define the layout of a document, e.g. HT...

Odp: page-description language

541. a small radio receiver which beeps to alert the wearer of messages or telephone calls. It...

Odp: pager

542. a popular handheld personal organiser produced by 3Com

Odp: Palm Pilot

543. another name for a handheld IBM compatible computer

Odp: palm-size PC

544. a portable computer that is small enough to be held in the palm of one hand. See handheld...

Odp: palmtop

545. a subsection of a graphical user interface window

Odp: pane

546. extra data bits added to the end of units of data before transmission and then checked an...

Odp: parity data

547. a high-level structured computer language named after the mathematician Blaise Pascal. It...

Odp: Pascal

548. a secret code used to control access to a network system

Odp: password

549. to insert a copy of data held in a computer's memory at a chosen position

Odp: paste

550. to insert programming code into a computer program to fix or modify it in some way

Odp: patch

551. the part of a virus that carries out the threat such as displaying a slogan on the screen

Odp: payload

552. a set of computer programs used for calculating pay cheques

Odp: payroll package

553. abbreviation for an IBM type of personal computer

Odp: PC

554. (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) an interface for connecting peripherals to th...

Odp: PCI Express

555. a type of interface for connecting credit-sized electronic upgrade cards to portable comp...


556. abbreviation for personal digital assistant. A small handheld computer providing a variet...

Odp: PDA / personal organiser

557. a small computer that has a pen input device instead of a keyboard

Odp: pen-based computer

558. a family of processors produced by the Intel Corporation

Odp: Pentium

559. a piece of equipment that is connected to the central processing unit of a computer syste...

Odp: peripheral

560. a computer designed to be used by one person at a time

Odp: personal computer

561. the common name for a predicted frame in an MPEG compressed file

Odp: P-frame

562. pretending to be someone that can be trusted, in order to steal personal information such...

Odp: phishing

563. an image-editing computer program produced by Adobe Systems Inc.

Odp: Photoshop

564. the part of a network communications system that encodes the packets into the medium that...

Odp: physical layer

565. a set of very small low power wireless links consuming only picoamps of electricity that ...

Odp: piconet

566. a computer crime that involves using another person's identification code or using that p...

Odp: piggybacking

567. acronym for personal information manager. A computer program that provides a variety of t...

Odp: PIM

568. an acronym for personal identification number. A unique number used by electronic systems...

Odp: PIN

569. a distinctive type of computer system that needs software to be written specifically for ...

Odp: platform

570. a games console developed by the Sony Corporation

Odp: PlayStation

571. an arrow-shaped cursor

Odp: pointer

572. a key feature of OOP programming by which different objects can receive the same instruct...

Odp: polymorphism ^pDli'moiftz

573. acronym for post office protocol

Odp: POP

574. to convert for use in another operating system or computer platform

Odp: port

575. a device that connects to a portable computer to make it easier to connect peripheral dev...

Odp: port replicator

576. a computer that is small and light enough to be carried from place to place. It can usual...

Odp: portable / portable computer

577. to display a message in a computer newsgroup or bulletin board

Odp: post

578. a message-retrieval protocol used by many mail clients to get messages from a server. It ...

Odp: post office protocol

579. a type of image frame used in MPEG compression. A predicted frame only stores the differe...

Odp: predicted frame

580. the part of a network communications system that ensures the message is transmitted in a ...

Odp: presentation layer

581. the main disk drive in a computer. In a PC this is usually a hard disk known as the C dri...

Odp: primary disk drive

582. the computer keyboard key that copies the current display screen image to memory or to th...

Odp: Print Screen

583. an electronic board that holds and connects the components of an electronic circuit

Odp: printed circuit board

584. a common output device used for printing the output of a computer on paper

Odp: printer

585. secret code known only to the owner that is used for encrypting and decrypting messages

Odp: private key

586. a computer programming language that enables programs to be written using sections of cod...

Odp: procedural language

587. the part of a computer that processes the data

Odp: processor

588. a set of instructions written in a computer language that control the behaviour of a comp...

Odp: program

589. to write a set of instructions for controlling a computer using a computer language

Odp: program

590. a person who writes computer programs

Odp: programmer

591. the processes of writing a computer program using a computer language

Odp: programming

592. a computer language used for writing computer programs

Odp: programming language

593. a set of agreed standards

Odp: protocol

594. a way of writing a description of a computer program using a mixture of natural language ...

Odp: pseudocode

595. a condition in which there is no copyright on a work such as a computer program allowing ...

Odp: public domain

596. a secret code the owner makes available to others so that they can encrypt messages they ...

Odp: public key

597. a method of coding messages using public and private keys to prevent others from reading ...

Odp: public-key cryptography

598. a type of communication where the receiving computer initiates the connection

Odp: pull mode

599. a list of choices that appear below a menu title on a display screen when the user clicks...

Odp: pull-down menu

600. a communication where the sending computer initiates the connection

Odp: push operation

601. a system of using the reflection of radio waves to detect an object and determine its loc...

Odp: radar

602. one of a set of mutually exclusive options in a dialog box, i.e. the user can only select...

Odp: radio button

603. acronym for redundant array of inexpensive disks


604. a particular arrangement of RAID array disks. Each RAID level is given a number with high...

Odp: RAID level

605. acronym for random access memory

Odp: RAM

606. a type of memory that can be accessed in any order. RAM is the main electronic memory of ...

Odp: random access memory

607. data that has not been processed

Odp: raw data

608. abbreviation for relational database management system. A database system that links file...


609. the immediate processing of computer data enabling interactive applications

Odp: real-time

610. to restart a computer operating system

Odp: reboot

611. a section of a database made up of related database fields

Odp: record

612. a computer program that allows the user to create their own audio CDs with a writeable CD...

Odp: recorder

613. the folder in Microsoft Windows operating systems where deleted files are stored

Odp: Recycle Bin

614. a storage system consisting of a set of hard disks that can be combined in different arra...

Odp: redundant array of inexpensive disks

615. a data management system provided by the TCP protocol to ensure that data is transferred ...

Odp: reliable stream service

616. is kept in the computer's memory

Odp: resident

617. an electronic component that reduces the flow of current in a circuit

Odp: resistor

618. a measure of the quality of a display screen in terms of the amount of graphical informat...

Odp: resolution

619. a set of standards for software used with internal look-up tables in a TCP/IP network for...

Odp: resolution protocol

620. to put data back into its original location

Odp: restore

621. to take an object apart to discover how it was originally designed and put together

Odp: reverse engineering

622. abbreviation for radio frequency

Odp: RF

623. abbreviation for radio frequency identification device. A label that stores information t...

Odp: RFI

624. to press and release the right-hand button on a mouse

Odp: right click

625. the main electrical supply circuit in a building

Odp: ring main

626. to extract songs from a CD and turn them into WAV files

Odp: rip

627. a program that extracts songs from a CD and turns them into WAV files

Odp: ripper

628. a Unix command for deleting a file

Odp: rm

629. a Unix and MS-DOS command for deleting a directory

Odp: rmdir

630. a mechanical device controlled by a computer

Odp: robot

631. the study of robot systems

Odp: robotics

632. something requiring great intelligence or technical ability

Odp: rocket science

633. acronym for read only memory

Odp: ROM

634. the path that is used to transfer data in a network

Odp: route

635. to move data from node to node on a network

Odp: route

636. an electronic device that links different networks or parts of a network. It determines t...

Odp: router

637. abbreviation for revolutions per minute

Odp: rpm

638. the name given to patterns found in data when using neural networks

Odp: rule

639. to execute a program, i.e. to get a program to process the data

Odp: run

640. a Unix command for displaying a report of who is currently logged in to the local network

Odp: rwho

641. abbreviation for software

Odp: s/w

642. a computer crime that involves manipulating programs or data so that small amounts of mon...

Odp: salami shaving

643. acronym for storage area network. A high-speed interconnection of shared storage devices

Odp: SAN

644. a widely used enterprise resource planning tool program

Odp: SAP

645. acronym for Serial ATA


646. to copy a program or data to a storage device

Odp: save

647. to copy text or graphics using a scanner

Odp: scan

648. an optical input device that uses the reflection of light to copy text or graphics into a...

Odp: scanner

649. a computer output device used for displaying text and graphic images

Odp: screen / monitor display screen

650. to move through displayed information smoothly on the screen either horizontally or verti...

Odp: scroll

651. the part of a graphical user interface window that allows the user to move through a docu...

Odp: scrollbar

652. acronym for small computer systems interface. A standard way of connecting peripheral dev...


653. abbreviation for synchronous dynamic random access memory. A type of fast memory that use...


654. a program designed to find information on the World Wide Web according to data entered by...

Odp: search engine

655. a formatted section of a circular magnetic track used for storing data on a disk

Odp: user. Search engines are usually accessed from special websites, sector

656. the amount of time taken by a disk drive to find a particular track on a disk

Odp: seek time

657. a subdivision of data created by a network communications transport layer for which a che...

Odp: segment

658. designed to transfer data sequentially, i.e. one data bit after another

Odp: serial

659. (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) a drive interface that feeds signals one after th...

Odp: Serial AT

660. a number that uniquely identifies a product

Odp: serial number

661. the small connector at the back of the system unit of a personal computer that is used to...

Odp: serial port

662. a main computer that provides a service on a network

Odp: server

663. a large collection of networked server computers that work together by sharing the servic...

Odp: server farm

664. a number used to identify a computer for maintenance agreements

Odp: service tag number

665. the part of a network communicationsystem that opens communications and has the job of ...

Odp: session layer

666. abbreviation for Standard Generalised Markup Language


667. software that is distributed freely and only paid for if the user decides to keep it

Odp: shareware

668. a graphical user interface for an operating system

Odp: shell

669. a text file that contains a sequence of commands for a UNIX-based operating system. In DO...

Odp: shell script

670. the computer keyboard key that is held down to produce uppercase letters

Odp: shift key

671. to register with a service

Odp: signup

672. a well-known computer simulation game in which the users control various aspects of runni...

Odp: SimCity

673. a set of standards for sending email from an email client and transferring email between ...

Odp: simple mail transfer protocol

674. a programmed virtual environment that imitates a real or planned system

Odp: simulation

675. a common name for a website

Odp: site

676. a webpage that is used to show the overall layout of a website

Odp: site map

677. a computer program that is used to change the interface of another program, e.g. to chang...

Odp: skin

678. common name for the Industrial Scientific and Medical frequency band

Odp: SM band

679. a plastic card containing a processor and memory chip. It can be used to store large amou...

Odp: smart card

680. a device used for reading smart cards

Odp: smart card reader

681. a device that contains an embedded processor and memory

Odp: smart de