A lot of young disabled people think that their life's problem are entirely foreign to their peers ipso facto it leads to social exlusion of disabled youth. In my essay I would like to propose some solutions of this problem. First of all I will present some global ways . I claim that the media should have more 'signed' TV programmes it is a certain convenience for the deaf, and by the way this should not disturb other people. Also the government should provide special grants for school in which are disabled children . For money school administrators would buy ramp or build wide doorways . Secondly I am of the opinion thatschools should organize integration , in order that disabled ,young people don't feel isolated from other. I am sure it would be a good idea to arrange „Day of understanding” and bring theproblemof blind anddeaf and mute to wholesome.In that day healthy children would divide into three groups : first will be wearing blindflods...

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