Temat dosyć ciekawy, podobne tematy często są zadawane przez nauczycieli j.ang., ponadto może przydać się komuś kto ma aspiracje na maturę R z j.ang.


This proverb suggests that money is not important. Nowadays, when for most of products we have to pay, it is a controversial question, ‘are the best things in life free'. Some people claim that it is nothing free now and even some things are impossible to buy. This is the question we need to answer.

Motions like smile, kiss and hug are very important in our life and they are free. We do not have to pay for smile to someone or kiss somebody who is very important for us.

Feelings like friendship and love are also free. These are things which people can not buy. What we have in our hearts, is not for sale. We like our friends for who they are, not for their financial status or how they look like. Friendship must be honest and real. Everyone knows this proverb: 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'.

We can also spend time with our friends and have a great fun without money, if some people like play football they can go to pitch, play football and spend time in the nice atmosphere.

On the other hand, people give out a lot of money for pleasures. Every film in the cinema, meal in the restaurant, new computer, TV, mobile phone, books, computer games, bike, motorbike, shoes, clothes, car or other pleasure - it costs. When we would like spend holidays in Jamaica or Bahamas and stay in best hotels we have to pay a lot of money for that. There are also some people who claim that you can have fun only with money and without them you can not be happy.

To sum up, I would say that money is good way to have fun. However, you can not buy feelings. One I hope is that feelings and emotions - immaterial things, will forever stay free.

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