The film directed by Jan Komasa, tells the story of teenager depression, caused no interest parents. Not accepted by friends of the main character - Dominika (Jakuba Gierszała) makes him to depression, from which he can’t cope. Locked in his room contact only with virtual friends. Together they form a small group called the "Salą samobójców.." The biggest influence on sensitive Dominika is the leader of a group of Sylwia (Roma Gąsiorowska), who believes that death is the best solution. The cast is excellent because empathize with the actors in their roles. The heroes communicate to spectator a lot of emotion. The film's soundtrack is perfectly matched to the dark mood of the film. In my opinion they should watch the movie the parents to understand how much children need love and interest. Everyone can understand the differently plot of the film but surely a tragic end forcing spectator after leave the cinema thinking and reflection. I highly recommend it.