My friend Rachel, has recommended me an exhibition of the world-famous artist Jay Jay Yen. The theme of the exhibition was recycling. The exhibition was in The Museum Of Modern Art between 22nd and 29th of October.

Jay Jay Yen is a controversial japanese artist. His exhibition are recommended by critics as “tasteless” and unemotional. Apart from critics opinion Rachel was fascinated. She told me was that was one of the best exhibition she had ever seen. I decided to create my own opinion.

I went to the MOMA. The the price was expensive (50 zlotys) so I had high expectations. The first sculpture presented old lady created from trash. The shape of the sculpture rather reminded me rather a hill than the granny. The smell was terrible. It was created from organic trash and you could have seen mold. So stinking a sculpture! It posed the question: what called as the Art?

Next room was called “The misterious world of simplicity”. I didn’t like it , because I don’t know what is amazing in cans arranged in shape of Paris with a lot of black and shining Svarovski’s crystals. I didn’t like the connection of an exclusive crystals with Coca-Cola’s cans. The last room presented huge origami swan (7 meters). It was created from leaflets , recycled bottles and aluminum. For me, it was the best part of the whole exhibition.

To sum up , this was probably the worst exhibition I have ever seen and not worth 50 zlotys.