Everyone has someone who can admire. The person I admire the most is not a movie star or famous singer. I save my admiration for someone special, for my best friend Ewelina. I met her in work. She is short person with long, straight, red hair and friendly, green eyes. She is very slim and has an amazing dark complexion. What can I say? Ewelina is just beautiful. With her appearance she can be a movie star. If she was a bit higher she could be even a model. She wears only fashionable clothes. Her favourite ones are jeans and T-shirts with inscriptions. In the summertime she wears colourful dresses.

I would like to talk about what kind of person she is . She is very nice and friendly. In my first day at work she came to me and started to talk. I was very grateful to her because I did not know there anyone. She smiles a lot and her smile is contagious. She can give that smile to everyone, because she loves people. What is more? She is very punctual and well-organized. There was not a day that she came to work too late. She is so responsible that you can always count on her when you have a problem. I can call her even in the middle on the night and she will help me. She is that kind of person you can always trust. I can tell her every innermost secret and I can be sure that Ewelina keeps it only to herself. She is such an honest girl. She always tells the truth and she hates when someone lies.

She has a lot of interests. She leads an active lifestyle. She loves basketball, swimming and dancing. She jogs every morning. Ewelina is interested in music, in pop and rock actually. Her favourite bands are The Beatles, Queen, Rihanna, Madonna, Michael Jackson and a lot of more. She wanted to go to Madonna’s concert, which was in August this year in Warsaw, but she was ill. Maybe Madonna will come to Poland one more time. Until then we will go to clubs and practice dancing and singing, because we should be well prepared for her arrival. Ewelina likes walking along the seaside, just like me. We try to go for that walk in every week. We can relax and talk about some stuff. That kind of spending time is very healthful and pleasant. In her free time she loves going shopping. She can be in a mall, watch and try on clothes for many many hours. Sometimes I go with her, but I mostly do not have enough time.

I can’t even imagine better friend than Ewelina. I can only wish that everyone has such a friend, which helps you and listens to you every time that you need.