If the employer wants the employees do good, conscientious work, he should motivate them skillfully. The most commonly used methods are salaries increases and promotions to new positions. But there are also other ways to reward workers.

The easiest manner to show the employers that they are appreciated, it's to give them some bonuses and perks. Nowadays a business phone or a company car are nothing unusual. There is also possibility to buy a series of gift cards to popular coffee shops or book stores and let the employee choose one when he do something prominent. It's a nice and useful idea. Many people would like to drink coffee or eat a piece of cake for free. Another thing is to take care of the health of the worker. Additional days-off can help them relax and recover. This may also be the time to improve relations with family, so offering tickets to the amusement park or the cinema may be bang on. Great efforts can also be rewarded with allowing more flexibility in a schedule, like for example working in a more appropriate hours or leaving earlier. However, most people prefer other kinds of showing appreciation. They like being thanked for their work. Gaining employee-of-the-month parking space, being elected to a "Wall of Fame", being invited to lunch with the boss, all of it encourage them to accomplish something truly special. Even a simple, personal thank-you note can be really meaningful for some people.

Clearly there are many ways to reward subordinates. The main thing to remember is that not only cash prizes matters, but recognition and trust are truly important at work.