These days less and less people read paper magazines and newspapers. Many of us started using the Internet and portals with news from the world. They are updated all the time, even when you sleep, so you can always know what is happening right now. However, electronic newspapers have as many pros as cons.

Firstly, you can take electronic newspaper with you everywhere on your tablet or mobile phone. Secondly, you can read it at any time – even in the bus or tram. What is more, electronic magazines are usually cheaper than their paper versions.

On the other hand, if you do not have a tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet you would have to use PC to read any news, which is not possible everywhere. In addition, your eyes may be tired after a couple of hours of looking at the tablet or small screen of the mobile phone.

Finally, with electronic newspapers there is no limit of number of magazines you can take with you because they weight nothing at all. However, there are more ads on the online news portals which may be frustrating for readers.

To sum up, I think that development of the technology is our future. Maybe some day everyone will be able to have their own personally constructed newspaper based on interests, who knows?