The book called „Przenicowany świat” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky was written in 1969. It depicts the world of censorship and invigilation on the unknown planet somewhere in the Universe. Maksym Krammer, astronaut from Earth, is the main character of this gripping story.

The plot of the books evolves around the incomer from the Earth (Maksym) who tries to change the political system on the alien’s planet. His spaceship was damaged while he was trying to land on the surface so he had to stay there till somebody form the Earth does something to help him come back. During his stay there he discovers that the society of this planet is just an army of stupid creatures manipulated by a few generals wielding the power in the country.

“Przenicowany świat” is a real page-turner. The plot is really fascinating and gripping. Unfortunately, the ending in my opinion is weak, comparing to the rest of the book. However, I must admit that it is also unpredictable, so probably you will be surprised. I think that this book even now is a real mirror of some of the political systems on the world. Many countries like Russia or Ukraine is still fighting for the change but censorship, manipulation of the people and invigilation are still present there.

To sum up, I think that “Przenicowany świat” is a masterpiece of its kind. It shows us how easy can be controlling of the people in the society. You should read it as soon as you can!