‘Avatar’ is a brilliant science fiction film by James Cameron. This is the epic visual masterpiece that you’ve all been waiting for and it succeeds in everything it tries to do. This film is in new technology 3D, which takes the cinema to next level.

At the beginning of the film Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), war veteran, is brought to another planet called Pandora, with the promise of getting his legs back if he helps the government on a mission. A primitive race called the Na’vi is living on Pandora and Jake has to learn their culture in order to relocate them and take a place for humans. But then he meets the beautiful female Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) and he has to choose between performing the mission and falling in love.

I like it because of the digitally created world, which is much better in compared with other films such as Shrek or Jurassic Park. It was a very difficult task to make a very long, technologically advanced film without any mistake. The film also has a superb musical score. Furthermore, it’s amazing how much of the actors emotions you could see through their Avatar characters. The dialogs are also very interesting with a lot of difficult words and expressions, so it’s very helpful to English learners.

In conclusion, I think that ‘Avatar’ is one of the best science fictions films. It has specific entertaining plot situated in two different worlds, so you can watch it more than once. Don’t miss it!