The building is very large, he has three floors and on the ground floor there is changing room. There is also the gymnastic hall. There are the various directions of the teaching at the school. Every one feels here well. Pupils take care about the interior decorations of classes. Classes are spacious and neat. Teachers are here very nice and helpful. One can always count on them. There is the field which on during the pause it is very merrily before the school. One can pleasantly spend the time at the school, talk with friends, laugh.

Our general impression of our school is positive and we would rather it did not alter much. It has a high standard of learning and has mainly modern and well equipped classrooms. It is also favourably located in the neighbourhood of many shops and other important places and institutions which therefore can be visited daily by the students and the teachers from the school. And what is the most important, this school gives its students a great start in their adulthood as it prepares well to continuing education in the chosen direction.

The school enjoys competent and cooperative staff. The teachers are very helpful and in general manage to draw their students’ attention to the subject they teach and make them more and more interested in it. The pupils are mainly quite mature and have specified plans for the future. They are willing to cooperate with their teachers and develop their interests so the atmosphere in the school is pleasant and favourable to work and learning.

Offers its students a varied sports facilities. Available to young people is 25 meter swimming pool, training hall, table tennis hall and gymnasium. Outside the school, there are two fields with dimensions 40x20m, jumps for the long jump and shot put viewport. There is also a playground for concrete pavement for volleyball and basketball. Our students can use all the above-mentioned sports during physical education lessons and during extra-curricular activities and on Saturdays.