It is widely known that all people are waiting for holiday . They want to relax and chill in different places than hometown . There are many ways of spending vacation like hotels , or camping side .

There are some who argue that camping is the best one .

First of all , saying in a tank is one of the cheapest ways. Whats more you are independent and you can stay everywhere you want . Acoording to my friends , who often pend their holidays in a camping ,They say that there are more advabtages : - you are very close to nature -you can test your abilities -it's a good way to spend your holiday actively.

It is trye that you can make friendship with new people , and cooperate with them .

Furthermore campsites are located in beautiful places , where people may not build hotels .

Of course when set beside 2 options : campsite and hotel , the second one is more comfortable , more common and easier . This is precesiely the point that you must prepare to this type of spending holidays .

To sump up i think campsite is a good wsy for teenagers .