30 November 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have seen your advertisement in today's edition of 'The London Mail', asking for volunteers to study abroad for up to six months.

As a student I am about to finish my second year studying English Philology at University in Rzeszów. It would be a great chance to have an opportunity to study abroad in order to develop my language skills, gain knowledge connected with the history of the United Kingdom as well as to meet people from all over the world. I have attended a number of courses which gave me the chance to enrich my language skills. What is more, I am interested in the customs and traditions of Great Britain, so I attended lectures and classes which were associated with this subject.

I would be available for the whole period required and it would be great to study my favourite subject. I think I live up to the expectations written in your advertisement. I am a good candidate for that project because I am ambitious and hard-working person as well as I have no problems in cooperating with others. Moreover, I finished the first year with the highest average among the students in the University. I link my future with working abroad so taking part in that kind of project would be a great experience.

I should very much enjoy the opportunity to study abroad and hope that you will be able to offer me a place on the team. I look forward to receiving further details about the course.

Yours sincerely,