I’m really convinced, that in the world are people agreed with me. We can buy many things but not everything. And I’m not thinking about material things but about something like humans values.

Firstly – happiness. For everybody happiness is a whole new ball game. For example I’m happy, when I can spend my free time with my family, close friends. I know that whatever I do they will be always with me. I trust them, and they trust me. I don’t think that you can buy this. Independently of how much money you have.

Secondly health. We can be hereditary disorder, don’t know about that and don’t have influence over this. In every minute somebody is born but somebody is die too. How much costs humans life? For me is priceless. It’s similar to good reputation. It’s hard work to earn it, but very easy to lose it.

In against you can say “Love? Give money on foundation and children will love you” or “Friendship? Borrow me ten zlotys!” But I think it is not this, what we pursue one’s aim. It isn’t true love or being friends.

All the time I agree with my topic of this opinion essay. We can’t buy everything especially the most important values in our life and we can’t live without that.