A lot of people dream about it to be rich, have much cash in their wallet and do not worry about the future. Most of them, do not realize that the life of a rich man is not so simple and it has both advantages as well disadvantages. I will try to present them.(55)

There are a few advantages to be a rich. First of all, person who has a lot of money, can buy himself whatever he wants and no one can not forbid him. For example you can buy a villa with a swimming pool, an expensive car or even a private boat or airplane and no one does affect on your decision because you are the master for yourself.Furthermore this lifestyle is free of difficulties associated with livelihood, rents and financial affairs.(82)

On the other hand, there are arguments against being a rich.

To begin with, a people who are wealthy, have everything what they want, exclusive apartments, sport cars, expensive furniture but these things do not make them feel happy. Often they do not have family or friends because they focus on their career. They feel lonely and sad. Secondly, rich people who achieve everything in life, do not have purposes which they could to do. Their life becomes empty and pointless.(81)

All things considered, although there are advantages to be a rich, I consider that money and wealth are not important as the other values, for example family, love, friendship.(29)