First of all I will say that being in my age in Poland as a teenager is not easy and not really hard. All the people should remember with a smile on their face what funny things they were doing at school, how they used to play with their friends or how much they loved their first boyfriend/girlfriend also in this period of time teenagers we try all kind of (bad) things, like smoking, drinking, using drugs etc. When in another time can we do these things if not now? We are curious of “how would it be if …” and for that reason we experiment a whole series of unhealthy habits, like going to bed at late hours.

One advantage of being this age in Poland is the fact that adolescents don’t have to deal with big responsibilities (just clean our room, doing our homework or taking care of the little brother) and we are more creative, enjoying our freedom. Obviously, we depend on our parents decisions and money, but if we manage to have a good relation with them, we’ll have more chances to do what we want when we want – for example, going out with the friends, going to the parties, sleeping more on weekends. On the other hand, this can be a disadvantage because if we don’t get on well at all with our parents, we can’t enjoy the freedom and all the magic things that come with this age – and this will make us sad and as adults, unwilling to remember this years. Also we are learning from our and others mistakes, we can have pocket money for whatever we want, we can bend the law usually with no consequences. It’s time when we are really getting to know what we can and what we can not do and limits the possibility of our self. And the most important rule in adolescence is that is the moment when we are deciding who we want to be in an adult life.

I will try to mention all important disadvantages from my point of view but I think there are not many of them that is that while we are almost adults and we think like one we are still treated like a child, but we are not children. So sometimes as a result we are misjudged. Adults thinks that we are irresponsible and we can’t think perspective and we like to argue.

Adolescence is full of extremes: it can be either wonderful and magic or depressing and frustrating. But it’s useless saying that any adolescent needs an adult to help him pass through this period with optimism, will to improve himself and to have a support whenever he/she feels like it’s all coming down.

In the whole, in our hands is our future