300′, directed by Zack Snyder from 2006, tells a story about the battle of Thermopylae about 480 year B.C. It is history about heroic heroes commanded by Leonidas (Gerard Butler). The film bases on a graphic story of Frank Miller. Script writers: Michael Gordon, Kurt Johnstad and Zack Synder have written a boring and schematic script.

The film begins when Spartans go to the battle with Persians. According to the title there are 300 Spartans but Persians are thousands. The film shows odd nations, that were conquered by Persians and attack Spartans in a narrow passage in mountains. There are Blacks, Mongols and Chineses.

There are fantastic special effects and slow-motion, for example, the scene with a rhino. Every scene is a special effect because these all were shot in a blue box, one of the computer technique use in editing films, without scenes with horses.

The next matter is fight. It looks fantastic, very dynamic and terrifying but not realistic. It is impossible that one Spartan kills over ten enemies and he doesn’t have any scratches. Moreover, everyone who knows a war art a little bit, says that is doesn’t exist in this film!

The great advantage is music, composed by Tyler Bates. It astonishes everybody and puts in a right mood! It suits fantastic to this war film.