Zamieszczę tutaj wypracowanie które ostatnio napisałam na język angielski.Mieszkam w Anglii,więc tutaj angielski jest coś jak język polski w Polsce.Wypracowanie jest oparte na poemacie Georginy Christinny Rosseti,czyli jednej z najwybitniejszej pisarki XIX wieku, czyli z czasów Epoki Wiktoriańskiej.

Boyfriend perspective:

My beloved big eyes looking at me with an inexplicable love. My eyes trembling fingers down her cheeks. Its subtle beauty emanated true brilliance. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful thing is love? I was not rich and did not have such a great home like her. But in spite of all she loved me. I would never think that the right person will be so great to belong to my heart.

Suddenly my beloved's face grimaced. She began to look around. Moments later, she whispered that the right back and left the room quickly. I felt distracted. I was pretty sure that someone is looking at me. I felt it on my back piercing gaze. Startled, I turned around slowly. I was not wrong. In the doorway stood a young girl, just like my beloved, that if it was not blond haired girl, I could swear that this is my love. But it was the blonde hair girl betrayed. Besides, this girl was too young. I could not deny it, it was beautiful. Corresponded perfectly clear complexion with light hair and blue eyes like the sea.

I was about to speak to her but she suddenly pulled out a knife from behind. Confused, I looked at the blade held in her hand. Suddenly, she dug a knife in the stomach. I felt a horrific pain in the heart. I looked down and I saw blood, I fell to the floor. I felt like life escapes me. Last thing I could see is that the beautiful girl was smiling. Then I saw only darkness engulfing me.

Father perspective:

I sat in my room reading a book when suddenly i heard a shrill scream. Jumped up in horror. I ran out of the room and started to run along the dark corridor. All off sudden, I heard a plaintive cry coming from my daughter's room. I felt confused. I don't even know what happened! I stood before the heavy wooden door and saw the darkening light.Gently opened the door and what I saw literally knocked me off my feet.My daughter was kneeling over some unspecified thing. Her long, dark hair hid almost everything, so I could not see anything. And then suddenly she raised her dark eyes and looked at me. But I was not looking at her. At last, I saw what lay on the floor. On the wooden floor lay a dead man! All the clothes were all dirty from the dark-red blood, and the corpse was lying in a pool of gore. Finally, I looked at my daughter. All her alabaster white face now was not as beautiful as before. Cheeks and neck were all smeared with red liquid. Purple dress up dripping of clot. I saw in her eyes sad misunderstood. Tears marked its path on her face dirty with blood. My heart began to beat rapidly frantic rhythm. Suddenly I understood why she so often leave the house. This mystery in her voice had to mean something, but I never knew what exactly. I think she has to trust me. Now I know how wrong I was.