Nowadays, more and more teenagers are eating out. More than 50% young people had eaten in the fast food restaurants and this number continues to rise. Have you ever reflected on how eating fast food influences your health? Although the fast food make our lives easier, there are also some obvious drawbacks involved.

Probably the greatest advantage of this kind of it is convenient. We can satisfy our hunger after school without wasting our time. Preparing this type of food is fast and cheap. We do not have to pay a fortune. Secondly, the places, where you can buy junk food exist everywhere. We all know that there are McDonald's, Burger Kings, KFC and other similar places all around the world. You can buy hamburgers and pizza in every town. Furthermore restaurants serving fast food became extremely popular, because a lot of people like junk food because it is very tasty.

The major disadvantage of fast food is that may not be good for our health. Eating fast food does not provide us with enough vitamins and minerals. Moreover, this food have a lot of calories, carbohydrates and saturated fat which cause many diseases, like a diabetes and heart attack. What is more, we can never be sure, what they are made of. People say that not fresh meat is used to make them. Also the oil used to fry chips is used hundreds of times. That is why they may be harmful to your health.

All things considered in my opinion, eating fast food is the best way to satisfy our hunger in a short time but it is also the best way to obesity and heart attack. We don’t know what we eat and how has been prepared. We must be careful what we eat because it has an impact on our health.