When my uncle invited me to visit him in Kenya last summer, I couldn't contain my excitement. Knowing I loved elephants, he had promised me to take me on an elephant safari. It provided to be the highlight of my stay.

I'd been in Kenya for three days when my uncle announced that the day of our adventure had arrived. We set off my uncle's jeep early that morning. A couple of hours later, we entered the huge game reserve.

Suddenly, I saw some elephants. "Look! A herd!" I shouted excitedly. "Keep your voice down, or you'll scare them away," whispered my uncle. We drove onto a muddy track to get better view of the herd. At first, our jeep moved forward easily. Then, the mud got deeper and next thing we knew, we were stuck!

Just we were wondering what to do, a small truck appeared and a game warden got out. "Don't worry!" he said calmly ''I've got a rope!" Seconds later, with the rope attached to our jeep, the warden's assistant started the truck. Wheels spinning, our jeep shot forward out of the mud. To my horror, the warden was sprayed with mud from head to toe in the process.

The warden, whose name was James, come home with us to clean up and get some fresh clothes. Today, James and I are great friends and we often laugh about the messy way we met!