Dear Amy,

I’m writing to you because I want tell you something about my school. I go to a middle school in Poland. The name of my school is Gimnazjum no. 20. Our patron is Juliusz Słowacki. My school is situated in Krosno at Zamkowa street. I go to third class. My class has twenty four students. My school isn’t big. It has twelve classrooms and a medium size gym. On the first floor there are English, History, Polish, Math and German classrooms. My school has a very big playground outside. All of students have lockers for clothes and books. I think, than the lockers are a very good idea, because our books are a very heavy. In my school also there is a library. There are a lot of books, which helped in a science. My school organize a lot of trips.I very like my school. I hope, than you’ll visit me in Poland and you’ll see my school. Love, XYZ.