„The Scream” is one of the most known piece of art in the world. It was painted in 1893 by Norwegian artist Edward Munch. The painting is considered as masterpiece of expressionism. This picture, measuring 83,5 x 66 cm, is located in Munch’ s Museum in Oslo.

In the foreground we can see a lone, scary human creature with deformed face standing on the wooden bridge with wide open eyes and mouth in a scream of anguish. He is wearing dark clothes contrasting with his pale face and holding hands on his head as if he saw something creepy or was in pain. It’ s hard to specify sex of this person. There is long, never-ending bridge behind him and two people walking along it. In the background there is a river or lake and an apocalyptical, strange view of red and orange sunset suggestive the hell.

When we look at the painting, we know it shows human emotions. The man screaming in the picture seems to feel like he is going insane. These people behind him are calm and behaving as though they didn’t notice screaming man who probably needs their help. Red clouds and deep blue-black water with motion of blood sky illustrate emotional condition of this person.

Contrasting colors built specify atmosphere of the painting. It was the main destination of expressionists. It’ s unique and different so it was an inspiration for other artists over the years.