Nowadays, working at home is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people decide to resign from working at office and start performing their duties at home. It’s possible owing to developing technology and digitization. It’s outstanding solution for many people but it has both advantages and drawbacks.

Firstly, it can be the only way to bring up children and work concurrently. Many women give up working because of family. Working at home makes it possible to provide for their family as well as do the housewifery. In addition, it’s a convenient option for the disabled. They don’t have to go anywhere and they can work just in front of the computer. Secondly, this kind of work doesn’t involove commuting so it’s possible to save plenty of time and money.

However, people working at home don’t have any contact with other workers. It can lead to depression and boredom. They don’t have any opportunity to make new friends and share their experience. Another drawback is that it may be very hard for some people to separate their home life from their work life. Besides working at home requires some equipment for instance computer and cable modem. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford that.

All things considered, although working at home may be very convenient and comfortable, it doesn’t hold out the prospect of socializing and cooperation with other people. Before making this decision somebody who wants to work at home should think it over because apart from benefits, it has also disadvantages.