In many sources told that this two periods are very different so there are very few similarities. This period was good time for music and fashion on the world. I associate the 20's and 30's with fancy clothes especially dress and suits. Women's clothing began to be more courageous. This time was very important for music because Jazz came into begin Comedy and humors have began in the 30's. First difference between this two periods was fashion. In 20's woman's dress have shorted. It was real revolution. Dresses displayed pushed up by special corset bust but fashion has always allowed for more with dresses women wore sandals. In the beginning of 30's women returned to the romantic and long evening dresses. The 20's were a time of wealth, prosperity, and a huge sense of national pride, while in the 30's those things seemed to be drowned in the grief of the depression. Fashionable hair color is bright , even platinium blond. This is a complete retreat from the 20's, when reigned coracobrachialis black. . In this period Jazz was the most popular kind of music. This two period combine war ? At the beginning of the 20's. The first world war was end, and at end of 30's. The Second War was started. Like a positive thing was came into beginning Flip&Flap. Laurel and Hardy were one of the most popular comedy teams of the early to mid classical Hollywood era of American cinema. They become well known during the late 1920's and the 1930's for their work in motion pictures and also appeared on stage throughout America and Europe. I think that this period was a very good time. Everything has improved: fashion, music etc. If two war didn't take place it could have been perfect time.