In my opinion a proper diet not only prolongs our life but also helps us enjoy good health. When we are obese, our average life expectancy reduced of nine year and we are more likely to get cancer, heart diseases and diabets. That's why more and more people decide to go on diet. People, especially young girls, think that must lost their weight. Going on a diet is good when we do this for health, but when someone is slim it is very dangerous. It causes many other diseases.

I think that are benefits and many risks going to a diet. People are feeling healthier and more happy when they have lost weight. Overweight has risk to have high blood pressure. They are often diabetics, so diet is very important for them. People who eat healthy food can be strong because vegetables have vitamins which human's body needs. Good diet influence for lenght our life.

There are same disadvantage diet too. It is or example high risk of osteoporosis- people don't eat proteins. They eat too small meal and they haven't energy. They are lethargic and tired, can't work so intensively and long.

On balance, I think that good diet is very important but we must consult this with a doctor. We should have a lot of determination and inner power. Going on a diet is a test of our pesonality and presistence.