Nowadays homeschooling is very popular. Many people decide to teach their children at home. It is believed that kids will be smarter and will get into better universities but it has both advantages and drawbacks.

First of all, children, whose parents teach them at home , can learn subjects many times. Secondly, it is a good idea for a children who are self -conscious. They will be less stressed out because homeschooling reduces stress. Another advantage is that children are more creative and imaginative at home than at school because they are less worried about making mistake. Moreover, homeschooling is a good idea for families who live in a place where it is far to the nearest school. Children who learn at home are not distracted by sounds or friends. Finally, it is also a good idea for small children because they are not petrified when their parents leave them at school.

On the other hand, kids who learn at home do not have many friends because most of us meet friends at school.They will have more problems with communication and life than children who go to school. Above all, children who learn at home are not prepared to work in groups.

To sum up, I think that homeschooling is a good idea, although it has disadvantages. Children, whose parents teach them at home, are smarter because they are not distracted by classmates and are not stressed out.However, it turns out that the most important skill is communication. These days school is a place where children learn not only subject but also how to live in a society.