I was waiting for that day the whole year. Halloween, because it's a day that I'm talking about, has been my favourite holiday since I was a child. I've always loved the fact that I can be everything I want for that one night. And all the streets full of decorations makes the world looks like in a fairytale. My favourite ones were the pumpkins' faces which stand in front of every house and watched the people passing by.

Last year me and my friends decided we're going to throw a big halloween party. And so we did. It was a sunny autumn day and everything seems to be normal. In the afternoon I went to my friend's house where party had to be. It was an old, victorian house, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. When we've decorated it with the skeletons, pumpkins and candles it looked really impressive. When it started to getting dark the effect was incredible. Around the 8 p.m. appeared the guests and the house got full of witches, vampires and the other monsters. The party was great. Everyone danced, from time to time a little group of children in costumes knocked on the doors and yelled "Trick or treat!".

It was few minutes after the midnight when we heard the frightening scream. Then someone shouted "Look!" and pointed at the stairs. My eyes had gone in that direction and I saw one of the most strange and frightening sights in my life. There was a young beautiful woman, in dress looks like of the Middle Ages. The thing is... she was levitating. At the moment I looked in her eyes, she smiled and suddenly started to fly around. Everybody panicked and ran out of the house as fast as they could. Except me. I was standing there like I was frozen and couldn't move. And the ghost was closer and closer.

I woke up screaming in my bed. My heart was beating like crazy. "It was just a dream" - I was calming myself. I looked at the calendar. It was 31th October...