It may come as that employers look for other important skills than good education and top grades from graduates. Unfortunately students have such poor communication skills that bosses are worried about allowing them to answer the phone or give presentation. There are some ways to get a job.

Firstly, really important is the curriculum vitae, because it tells a prospective employer all about candidate. The weighty thing about a CV is to write simply and clearly so that the reader and find the information he or she needs immediately. Students should remember that these people have ways of checking informations, so tell the truth.

Another thing is the job interview. It is really important to find out about the company students are going to have an interview with. They should do some research online. It shows prospective employers that graduates are interested.

If young people apply for job, they be aware of their body language. They should keep eye contact and shrug their shoulders all the time. Graduates should answer the questions clearly and go into details when appropriate. That does not mean talk on and on about anything, but do not give short answers.

All in all, young people have to develop their skills, and learn to demonstrate they have got those skills. People who put in applications full of mistakes on online application forms deserve what they get. Employers looking for people of higher calibre and graduates have to catch on to that.