Adverts are everywhere. There are boards in the streets.

leaflets in your letterbox, adverts in the radio or TV, brochures in shops, in magazines, personal adverts in newspapers. Advertising is a huge industry that uses emotions, logic, beauty, truth and lies.

The are not many advantages of adverts. In my opinion the biggest one is the fact that adverts are the source of information, inform us about the news technological solutions, medicines, cosmetics and so on.

There are many disadvantages of adverts.

Firstly they are very annoying, for example they appear in the TV while watching TV in the best moment of a film.

Secondly people waste lots of paper to produce leaflets which are thrown in to the basket.

There are so many such adverts and people over-helmed

What is more adverts at the streets deconcentrate drivers.

Finally despite there are more disadvantages of adverts they still exist and they are the most popular way of informing us about the newest things.