When I arrived at the house, I tried to switch on the light. There wasn’t electricy. I found some candles one I lit them. Then I saw mark on the ceiling . Suddenly I wanted to open the door, I felt ice-cold hands on my neck.

The next day morning, my friends found me lying on the floor in the dining room. I was unconscious . I had scratches and brushes on my face. My friends took me to a hospital in Tarnobrzeg. After 24 hours I opend my eyes. The police officer visited me in the hospital to ask some gashouse. Next evening policeman went to my house with dog. When they were the dining room their dog a started jumping on the wall. They saw an old painted mark on the wall. They made a big hole in the wall. They found a big metal box with hundreds gold coins.

The coins came from Museum in Tarnobrzeg. These coins were stolen by Krzysztof McDonald. McDonalds was arrested by the police. Soon he died in the prison. He didn’t say somebody about the coins.

Probably Krzysztof McDonalds was the ghost. The ghost disappear , because the metal box was taken.