Welcome Everyone!

N: My names is Kate and this is my friend Marta. We are founder the company “Merida Clan”.

Our company produces the front door to the house.

B:We are on the market for over 20 years, we are trustworthy, reliable and our annual turnover, providing a high position among consumers.

N:Our headquarters is located in Warsaw, its products are exported to many corporate stores throughout the country, in addition to operate in areas of Europe, including Berlin, Paris, Athens, Moscow, Bucharest, London and Prague.

B:We would like to present to all our new product, O is the new security doors, all fear of thieves.

This prestigious, oak doors.

- The door leaf consists of two plates with contoured edges, stuck in the door leaf.

Reinforcing elements are cold formed channel sections.

N:- The space inside is filled with non-flammable leaf mineral wool.

- The wing is suspended on three steel hinges on the frame of steel pipe with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

- From the hinge leaf is locked with three locks fixed bolts.

B:- Each door is equipped with the main castle - top: bolts and lock with handle and knob insert with Class 4

warranty is lifetime .. We therefore assure our customers that our product will serve them for many years.

Say a firm NO thieves.!

N:Contact us at:

Tel. 547-658-220

e-mail: www.merida-clan.com

Thank you for your attention,

Welcome to our stores.