A year 2012 was very lucky for our country and our neighbour. For the first time in history, we organized the UEFA European Football Championship and we had chance to show that Poland and Ukraine are by no means worse than e.g. Germany or Portugal. In spite of all, there were many negative opinions saying that whole enterprise was nothing more than a failure. I cannot entirely agree with these.

Firstly, organization of such big and popular event was great opportunity to promote hosts to the whole world. I think Polish and Ukrainian cities charmed a lot of soccer’s fans and encouraged them to visit us again in the future, not necessarily to support footballers.

Another benefit is strictly associated with previous one. The visit of foreign guests much helped many small-sized enterprises like cafes, pubs or shops with souvenirs. Thanks to all tourists, they could earn a lot of money, indirectly supporting the national economy.

And last but not least, we finally improved our sports facilities. There were built five brand new stadiums (including these in Lviv or Gdańsk) and other three were rebuilt or renovated. Now we can be proud of modern infrastructure too.

Despite all those advantages, few mishaps happened. Groups of supporters from different countries clashed on the streets of Warsaw and Police had to intervene. This incident spoiled the atmosphere and increased the tension between fans.

All things considered, I am happy that such kind of championship took place in my country. I hope there will be more such events in few years ahead.