These days we can hear that the amount of sick children is increasing fast. Times have changed and, what is more, the methods of upbringing and feeding are different than twenty years ago.

I have adverted to upbringing and feeding because there I can see the main problem.

I would like to start with upbringing. I have noticed that adults haven’t been taking care of their children more and more. They generally don’t spend time with their daughters and sons.

The social networkings like Facebook or Twitter become the second world of children life.

This lifestyle , as mentioned above, causes that people not only don’t move , but also don’t do exercises and go out. As a result of that, children become overweight, have problems with breathing an blood pressure. Furthermore they feel depressed, what is worse, in the cyber world they feel understandable.

Secondly, I would like to talk about feeding. Twenty years ago people often ate food made by themselves. Generally these days we live faster and not always we have time for make a dinner. Adults and children eat fast food. It is very calorific and unhealthy food.

Adults can take steps to reduce the increase sick children. They see problems with health of their children. More often they believe in ecological food. Nowadays, it is very popular to have a little garden behind the house, where you can have yours vegetables and fruits.

I believe that organising lessons ,about negative results of eating unhealthy food, can give positive results.

Adults should take part in this kind of meetings as well as children.

Taking everything into consideration, I agree that twenty years ago children were more healthy.

Now, if adults want to have happy and healthy children should take care more about their sons and daughters, and themselves.