The 90 'was very cool. People were dressed colorful, and music was very joyful and crazy. In 90’ I attended to school. I remember when I was at first grade I liked school. My family had their own garage. My father loved to repair cars. My mother loved to be a boss with everything and she worked in garage with my dad. She taked care about all the paperwork. After school I helped my father in the garage. I liked it very much. My father always listened to Modern Talking whe he worked. I also liked his music. It take back my childhood. Sometimes my friend Paweł helped us with cars. He also loved cars. Usually on the weekend we met with Paweł at schoolyard. Were loved to played soccer. In 90’ I also had my first girlfriend. Her name was Agata and she was my first big and childish love. I liked her very much. We walked to the cinema together. Sometimes we walked to McDonalds, she always ordered Happy Meal with toy and she always gaved the toy to me. I still have it. In 1993 my younger brother came to the world. My family was very happy. I wasn’t happy, because I was jealous. He was the most important and I thought I was invisible for my parents. I was so stupid. When he was 1 year old he told his first word, and that word was Lukasz. Then I realized how much I love him.