These days almost everyone is using social networking sites to communicate and share things with each other. Is it good or bad thing? Did you ever wonder how much time do you actually spend in front of your computer browsing Facebook or Twitter? I think it is finally the time to consider all the good and bad points of sites like these.

First of all, I would like to present another kind of social service, the largest social music platform called It is a music recommendation service that helps discover more music based on the songs you play on your PC. What is more, this site helps you discover not only bands you may like but also helps you meet new people with similar music taste. Furthermore, you can discuss with them about musical trends, go to concerts or share your own music to the others.

On the other hand, services like this might be very addicting and time consuming. Tons of messages, notifications and endless streams of information that no one could comprehend makes you spend the entire day at the computer keyboard. Moreover, flame wars on artists pages about superiority of for example Madonna over Michael Jackson does not lead to anything.

In conclusion, I think that social services are, as for now, the best known tool for maintaining contact with your distant family and friends. It is also great instrument for making new friendships over the Internet. However, if you tend to be too open you may get into the trouble with spoofing so better be careful!